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Toontown Rewritten Alpha

October 28, 2013 - April 20, 2014

Alpha was the first version of Toontown Rewritten before Beta came out. Alpha was launched in October 28, 2013 and ended in April 20, 2014. Because the game could only hold over 100 players or less, alpha keys were used in order to sign up for an account.


Pre-Alpha was the very first version of Toontown Rewritten before the game was released for an actual Alpha test. At this point, only the developers could play and test the game before releasing it to the public for for Alpha testing. Sir Max uploaded a YouTube video showing footage of Toontown Rewritten Pre-Alpha.

Game content

The content that was released in Alpha includes:

The content that was not released in Alpha includes:

Blog posts

The following list of blog posts was made to get the readers "up to speed" on the events from Toontown Rewritten Alpha. All blog posts are from the official Toontown Rewritten website, archived on a program called the Wayback Machine Archive, and found on other wiki pages titled News Blogs (2013) and News Blogs (2014). This list was made to favor blog posts that are fun to read.

Toontown Rewritten has had multiple puzzles and ARGs (alternate reality game) that are documented in the Encrypted Clues, Puzzles & Development Previews page. Said page also covers the cryptic posts and status updates that the Community Manager, Joey, has made.

(7) Daily Alpha Update: The Final(ish) Chatless Update (archive)

(130) Daily Alpha Update: No Funny Business (archive)

(28) Daily Alpha Update: hi im roger dog (archive)

(128) Super Sunday: The Elephant out of the Room (archive)

(93) Daily Alpha Update: -- --- •-• ••• • | -•-• --- -•• • (archive)

(94) Super Saturday: The Greatest Party in the Tooniverse (archive)

(33) null {CONFIDENTIAL} - Yes, that means you too. (November) (archive)

(104) Don't be Wacky: Jumping for Jellybeans (archive)

(100) Daily Alpha Update: Catching (Cannon) Fire (archive)

(26) Daily Alpha Update: The Land of Music (archive)

(58) Super Saturday: The Blizzard Wizard (archive)

(77) Daily Alpha Update: A Quick Q&A (archive)

(16) Daily Alpha Update: Robot Thief (archive)

(109) {LAB1-T43} Manual Transmission (February) (archive)


(35) Daily Alpha Update: An Unexpected "Thank-you!" (archive)

MMO Central Forums
Toontown Rewritten | Knock-Knock Contest Winners | Psych! Sunday
(Thread started October 13, 2013)

(127) Call Log {3-26 19:40} from LL-TERMINAL43 (March) (archive)

(142) To Whom it May Concern (April) (archive)


Memorable images from the blog posts showing the events of Toontown Rewritten Alpha:


Alpha (uppercase Α, lowercase α) is the first letter of the Greek alphabet. In the system of Greek numerals it has a value of 1.

In English, the noun "Alpha" is used as a synonym for "beginning", or "first" (in a series), reflecting its Greek roots.


  • All Alpha Toons were deleted at the end of Alpha, but canonically, the Alpha Toons are still endlessly testing for bugs during Beta.
  • The Toon Council Presidential Elections was an event that concluded the end of Alpha. The Cogs were introduced at the time to create Doomsday, thus releasing the battle system.
  • Alpha did not include a lot of gameplay, such as ToonTasks, as it was the first version of the game.
  • Alpha lasted a total of 146 days from October 28, 2013 to April 20, 2014.


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