Big Magnet battle
Big Magnet
Big Magnet Icon
Basic information
Track: Lure
Level: 4
Accuracy: Low
Affects: All Cogs
Number of rounds lured: 3
Organic boost: Medium accuracy
Carry capacity
Minimum: 5
Maximum: 15
Preceded by:
$5 Bill Icon

$5 Bill

Succeeded by:
$10 Bill Icon

$10 Bill

Skill points gained:


Skill points needed:


Big Magnet is the level four Lure gag. It precedes the $10 Bill.


  • This gag is similar to the Small Magnet.
  • The Big Magnet has the exact same accuracy as the $5 Bill.
  • Although the Big Magnet used to be red in both Toontown Online and the earlier days of Toontown Rewritten, the staff changed the color from red to blue to match its icon on July 4, 2014.


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