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Bike Horn
Bike Horn Icon
Basic information
Track: Sound
Level: 1
Accuracy: High
Affects: All Cogs
Minimum damage: 3
Maximum damage: 4
Organic boost: 4-5
Carry capacity
Minimum: 10
Maximum: 30
Preceded by:


Succeeded by:


Skill points gained:


Skill points needed:


Sound files
AA sound bikehorn

The Bike Horn is the level one Sound gag. It is succeeded by the Whistle.


The Bike Horn is obtained when a Toon has completed their training for Sound Gags. When first obtained, the Bike Horn only does a maximum of 3 damage to a Cog. When the next sound gag is earned, the Whistle, the maximum damage increases to 4.

Once a Toon has earned 40 Sound Skill Points, the toon will obtain the Whistle. A Toon can carry only 10 Bike Horns when first obtained. When a new sound gag is obtained, the maximum of Bike Horns that can be carried increases by 5.


  1. The Toon takes out a megaphone with a Bike Horn sticking out of it.
  2. Toon takes an exaggerated breath
  3. Toon blows into megaphone
  4. Bike Horn squeezes itself.
  5. Bike Horn vanishes, the megaphone too
  6. Cog gets stunned for a few seconds, cog wipes their sleeves.


  • Bike Horn is the weakest gag, along with Squirting Flower (Both can only defeat a Level 0). This can be disputed because the Bike Horn can damage multiple cogs, unlike the Squirting Flower.
  • A Bike Horn is displayed on top of Goofy's Gag Shop in all playgrounds.
  • The Bike Horn's front looks just like the Foghorn gag but with the horn colored white.
  • It is considered the most disrespectful gag to use by many players to use on lured cogs. Such an action can result in your team getting frustrated with you, since it not only removes the effects of lure, but deals a very low amount of damage to the cogs.
  • Even though some sound gags don't need it to be blown into, the Toon still does the animation of taking a breath



Bike horn in Shticker Book

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