Help me please (TTR Alpha)

A bug that occurred back in Toontown Rewritten's Alpha stage.

Bugs are in-game errors which occur due to malfunctions in the game's programming. A bug can negatively impact gameplay, although may instead produce desirable effects which makes it susceptible to being exploited.

Reporting bugs

If you notice any unusual activity, it is likely to have occurred because of a bug. You can report bugs by emailing Toontown Rewritten directly at, or by creating a post using the following links. Be sure to include a description about the bug and a screenshot if possible.


Main article: Controls

To take a screenshot, simply press F9 if you're on Windows, or press fn+F9 if you're on Mac. You can view your screenshots in the "screenshots" folder which is usually located in the Toontown Rewritten files. You can also view your screenshots in your Shticker Book by clicking on the snapshots icon.

Screenshots are recommended as they provide useful information such as the coordinates of where you took the picture which are embedded into the metadata of the file. You can press shift+F1 on Windows or fn+F1 on Mac to view your coordinates above your Toon's head in a thought bubble.

Experimental features


Anti-aliasing is disabled by default due to graphics card incompatibilities. However, you can turn it on again by modifying "settings.json" in your Toontown Rewritten folder by opening it as a .txt file. This feature was originally enabled by default when it was implemented on July 5, 2014 in ttr-beta-v1.3.1[1], but was then disabled by default in ttr-beta-v1.3.1 on the same day.[2]


  • On October 4, 2014, there was a major bug which caused the progress of every Toon not to be saved if they had crashed. The issue was resolved the following day, but this caused some Toons to have their progress reset to the previous day.
  • There were several glitches during ToonFest 2015; one of which allowed Toons to reach 'impossible' heights on the trampolines. This was later patched in an update.[3]
  • Following Halloween 2015, there were several bugs with Toons eyes.
    • Their eyes would remain opened when they are sleeping instead of closing.
    • The surprised animation caused eyes to remain surprised even after the emote was used.
    • Occassionally a Toon's eyes would close even when they were not sleeping.
  • The Party Gate has a glitched hitbox, easily allowing Toons to clip into The Grey.
  • If you walk backwards into a hollow space or a body of water, the camera will go nuts.
  • Teleporting anywhere in Toontown while swimming in a body of water will store the water sound, and it keeps playing until you exit out of the game completely.



    Experimental: Turn on anti-aliasing by default
    Disable Experimental anti-aliasing by default due to graphics card incompatibilities. For those who want to continue helping us test out this experimental feature, you can turn it on again by modifying "settings.json" in your Toontown Rewritten folder.

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