Campaign Stands were Flippy and Slappy's stands in Toontown Central during the Toon Council Presidential Elections. Each stand had its own text and before-sign. These stands were one of the first nonliving items to be animated in Toontown. Flippy's stand dispensed pies, while Slappy's stand turned Toons green.


  • McQuack's hilarious incident with Flippy and Slappy caused their campaign stands to come to life (animated). This was called pre-election jitters.
  • During the time the votes were to be announced, Slappy's stand put down its sign and did an animation that resembled someone eager.
  • Flippy's stand sign was formerly planned to look more raw, like Flippy made it himself, but it was later remade to seem more polished.
  • Flippy brought his stand for ToonFest 2014, where it again dispensed pies. However, the sign was changed to read "Pie Cogs to Toon-Up ToonFest!" with the head of one of the Cog dummies painted on it.

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