Cashbot HQ (Better Pic)
Cashbot Headquarters
Basic information
Type: Cashbots
Location: Pajama Place, Donald's Dreamland
Area information
Minimum level: 7
Maximum level: 9
Special cogs: Goons
Data is by normal gameplay.
Facility information
Facilities: Cashbot Mints
Minimum level: 10
Maximum level: 12
Facility boss: Mint Supervisor
Boss information
Facilities: Cashbot Vault
Minimum level: 1
Maximum level: 12
Boss: Chief Financial Officer
Well there's certainly no stopping them now.

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Cashbot Headquarters (also known as Cashbot HQ or CBHQ) is a cog headquarters where the Cashbots reside in. It is located in Pajama Place on Donald's Dreamland. Within Cashbot Headquarters lay the mints and the Cashbot Vault. Within the Cashbot Vault, Toons may find the Chief Financial Officer, the boss of the Cashbots.

Train Yard

Upon entering Cashbot HQ, Toons will find themselves in the train yard. The train yard largely resembles a freight train yard or station filled with money. Toons may find trains that, if hit by, will deduct 10 laff points. There are three Cashbot Mints and the Cashbot Vault that can be accessed from this location. Cogs from level 7 to level 9 will roam around on the safe platforms here. Toons may only cross to the next safe zone by crossing a railroad track.

Cashbot Mints

Main article: Cashbot Mints

The Cashbot Mints are the cog facilities of Cashbot HQ. There are three types in order of difficulty: Coin Mint, Dollar Mint, and Bullion Mint. The Cogs inside of the mints range from level 10 to level 11, with the Mint Supervisor being level 12. Upon completing the mint, Toons will teleport back to Cashbot HQ. Unlike the Sellbot Factory however, Toons will not receive a part of their Cashbot Cog Suit for completion. The Coin Mint rewards 356-544 Cogbucks, the Dollar Mint rewards 679-1004 Cogbucks, and the Bullion Mint rewards 1202-1496 Cogbucks.

Cashbot Vault

Main article: Cashbot Vault

The Cashbot Vault is where Toons may find the Chief Financial Officer. Up to 8 Toons may enter at once to fight the C.F.O. The C.F.O. is a staged battle, similar to the other cog bosses. Upon entering, the C.F.O. will figure out you are toons and send out waves of Cogs to attack you. Upon completing this stage, Toons will take up either using the cranes or stomp on the goons. Toons who are using the cranes will pick up goons that were stomped to throw at the C.F.O. Occasionally, one of these goons will stun the C.F.O., allowing Toons to throw safes at him dealing massive damage. The goons will get harder throughout the match, dealing more damage as the C.F.O.'s health lowers. Upon completing the battle, Toons will receive Unite! Phrases.


  • Cashbot Headquarters was the second Cog HQ found by Lord Lowden Clear with the help of Doctor Surlee and Whispering Willow.
  • This is the only Cog HQ to have active foregrounds (other than roaming Cogs).
  • There are many crates with the labeling "Cog Nation" written on them.
    • In Toontown Online, this gave way to speculation that there could be a secret Cog Nation.
      • There was never a Cog Nation though, nor was it known to have been planned to be an actual feature.
        • Cog Nation was supposed to be the Cog HQ, but the idea was scrapped in favor of four separate HQ's for each different cog. However, they never removed the label from the boxes.
      • Originally, this was the only HQ that had not had music composed specifically for it. Whilst music was composed specifically (at the time) for Sellbot HQ, Lawbot HQ and Bossbot HQ, the music for Cashbot HQ is merely the Sellbot HQ theme. It is unknown why this HQ does not have it's specific music. It was until Toontown Rewritten went out of Beta that the Cog HQ finally had it's own music.
  • If a Toon goes sad from getting hit by a train in the train yard, they will not lose their gags.
  • In Toontown Rewritten, Cashbot HQ is the only Cog Headquarters whose roaming space isn't described as a 'courtyard' but rather a 'train yard' with exception of the revamped Bossbot HQ roaming space being no longer described as a 'country club' like it used to in Toontown Online.

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The locomotives at Cashbot HQ are EMD GP7, Built between 1949 and 1954 .[citation needed]
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