Cashbots for accounting...

Cashbots are one of the four types of cogs. Their headquarters is located off Pajama Place in Donald's Dreamland, where the Chief Financial Officer resides. Their symbol is green with a dollar mark, which represents their relation to money.

List of Cashbots

Name Lowest Level Highest Level Image
Short Change Level 1 Level 5 Short change
Penny Pincher Level 2 Level 6 Penny pincher
Tightwad Level 3 Level 7 Tightwad
Bean Counter Level 4 Level 8 Bean counter
Number Cruncher Level 5 Level 9 Number cruncher
Money Bags Level 6 Level 10 Money bags
Loan Shark Level 7 Level 11 Loan shark
Robber Baron Level 8 Level 12 Robber baron

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer

The Chief Financial Officer is the boss of the Cashbots. He is located within the Cashbot Vault at Cashbot Headquarters.


Street Playground Chance (%)
Punchline Place Toontown Central 40%
Silly Street Toontown Central 25%
Loopy Lane Toontown Central 10%
Seaweed Street Donald's Dock 90%
Lighthouse Lane Donald's Dock 10%
Elm Street Daisy Gardens 10%
Oak Street Daisy Gardens 5%
Baritone Boulevard Minnie's Melodyland 90%
Alto Avenue Minnie's Melodyland 50%
Sleet Street The Brrrgh 30%
Polar Place The Brrrgh 5%
Pajama Place Donald's Dreamland 85%
Lullaby Lane Donald's Dreamland 25%
Cashbot Headquarters 100%


The Cogs
FlunkyPencil PusherYesmanMicromanagerDownsizerHead Hunter
Corporate RaiderThe Big Cheese Chief Executive Officer
Bottom FeederBloodsuckerDouble TalkerAmbulance ChaserBack StabberSpin Doctor
Legal EagleBig Wig Chief Justice
Short ChangePenny PincherTightwadBean CounterNumber CruncherMoney Bags
Loan SharkRobber Baron Chief Financial Officer
Cold CallerTelemarketerName DropperGlad HanderMover & ShakerTwo-Face
The MinglerMr. Hollywood Vice President
GoonsSkelecogsVirtual SkelecogsVersion 2.0 Cogs
Director of Ambush MarketingThe Chairman
Building-only Cogs Boss

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