Not to be confused with Cat, an NPC Toon who remains as a shopkeeper.
Cat toon

Cat is a Toon species.

When cats talk, they meow. If a cat uses an invalid word in SpeedChat Plus and lacks any True Friends, the word will be censored by "meow" or "mew".

The cats are the only species that can become black. Black cats can be created by going to Flippy at Toon Hall in Toontown Central. Then say "Toontastic!" in SpeedChat. If you type it out, this will not work.

Head Shape

The following are four distinct head shapes for cats:

Notable Cats

Alec Tinn
For a full list, see Category:Cats.

Notable cats include Hawkheart, Shockley, and Alec Tinn.

Unique Characteristics

For the main article, see Black Cat.

Cats have the ability to become black on Halloween by talking to Flippy at Toon Hall. If you turn your Toon into a black cat, the color will remain permanently unless you obtain a Toon Rewrite. It is important to only make a black cat if you really want to.


Cats emit meows when speaking. If a word is censored, they will be replaced with "meow" or "mew".

One word
Two words
Multiple words


  • Cats are believed to be the most popular Toon.
  • There is a group of cats entitled "Warrior Cats," who utilize Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres for roleplaying. They're based off of a book series by Erin Hunter.
  • They are one of the only Toon species that can become black.


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