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Hrrrmmpph. When I need a job done right...
I'll do it myself.

–Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer
Basic information
Type: Bossbots
Preceded by:

The Big Cheese

Succeeded by:

The Chairman

The Chief Executive Officer, commonly abbreviated as the C.E.O., is the head of the Bossbots. He resides in the Bossbot Clubhouse at Bossbot Headquarters.


The CEO possesses a Skelecog-like head and is dressed in golfer's attire that seems to be bolted to his body. Like the other Cog bosses, his lower body is a tank with a hatch on the front and one on the behind, although we never see this open. Like the Vice President, he has two sets of eyes and teeth, one on the left side and one on the right side. This is hard to see though, as he does not have an actual head. Instead, lightbulbs and jaws are sticking out of his neck, some of which resemble golfing clubs. His attacks are heavily golf-themed.


CEO red treads

The CEO's treads after being pelted with golf balls

The CEO battle starts with the introduction of Good ol' Gil Giggles, who explains that the C.E.O. is hosting a banquet at the time of the boss battle, and they are going to infiltrate it. To do so, however, they require a different suit from the ones they are wearing; a waiter outfit. Good ol' Gil Giggles then explains that they can convert their suits into waiter outfits by using the parts from the waiter Cogs inside the kitchen. This kicks off the first round.

Round 1 - The Waiter Battle

All Cogs in the waiter round are Version 2.0 Cogs, meaning they explode into a Skelecog version of themselves after being "destroyed"; every Cog fought in this battle (with the exception of the C.E.O. himself) is a Version 2.0 Cog. The Toons in the battle face off against thirty Cogs collectively, meaning both sides contribute to the amount of Cogs defeated. The Cogs in this round range from Level 9 to Level 12, so Cogs in the round can spawn as either a Downsizer, a Head Hunter, a Corporate Raider or a The Big Cheese.

Assuming all Toons have Sound, a good strategy to follow in this round is the "One Fog" strategy. The method of this strategy is that Toons use three Elephant Trunks and one Foghorn on each set, with the person using Foghorn being the left-most Toon at the beginning of the battle and moving in an order from left to right. This is good for preserving Sound, as Toons will run out of Sound very quickly if they use 2 or 3 Foghorns (depending on the level of Cogs they are facing). Once all of the Cogs are defeated, the Toons put back on their waiter suits. The C.E.O. comes in from the banquet room and tells the Toons to get a move on. The toons then move into the banquet room, and the second round begins.

Round 2 - The Feeding Round

The second round consists of a large banquet room with tables in which Cogs are seated. The Cogs seated at these tables can either be a Corporate Raider or a The Big Cheese, depending on the tier (see below for information on how the tier system works). Toons are given 300 seconds, or in other words, 5 minutes, to defeat all of the Cogs that are seated. To do this, Toons must pick up oil cans carried into the room by conveyor belts that are at the side. These oil cans are supplied by Good ol' Gil Giggles, and will cause a Cog to explode after successfully eating three oil cans. Toons pick the oil cans up by bumping into them whilst they are on the conveyor belt. Then, they are given to the Cog by bumping into any seated Cog that isn't currently eating. You will know if a Cog is eating, as they will be holding the can up in the air, and a large can symbol will appear above their head, with a dark line indicating how close they are to finishing.

Once a Cog finishes eating a can, it will become hungry. When a Cog is hungry, a pink stomach icon will appear above their head, with a dark line indicating how close they are to becoming enraged, as well as the Cog waving their hand in the air. If they are not fed in time, they will become enraged. When they are enraged, they will require another three oil cans to destroy them, regardless of how many oil cans they were fed before. An angry Cog can be distinguished by the yellow lightning bolt above their forehead, as well as the Cog visibly pounding the table in frustration. When a Cog has successfully been fed enough times, it will leap into the air and explode, as it would when defeated in a regular Cog battle. Regardless of whether all Cogs were destroyed or not, this round will automatically end once 5 minutes have passed, starting the third round.

Round 3 - The Banquet Battle

The length of the banquet battle depends on how many Cogs are left over from the feeding round. The round starts with both groups facing off against a single Level 12 V2.0 The Big Cheese. Once this Cog is defeated, two things may occur; if all Cogs were destroyed in the feeding round, the fourth round will begin instantly. If there are still Cogs remaining from the feeding round, they will fly in, and Toons will have to battle them as well. This puts more emphasis on taking out Cogs as quickly as possible in the feeding round, as Toons will be short on gags by this point, making this round tougher to deal with without the aid of restock SOS Cards and Unite! phrases. Once all Cogs are destroyed, it will continue as normal to round 4.

Round 4 - The C.E.O. Battle

The final round consists of the battle against the C.E.O. himself, with him insisting that if he wants a job done right, he has to do it himself. The C.E.O. is fought via Seltzer Bottles placed on the tables that Cogs were once seated at. If you run into a table, you will jump onto it, unless it is already occupied by another Toon, or is flattened due to the C.E.O. rolling over it. When on a table, holding control will build up the power of the seltzer bottle.

The seltzer bottle has three charges; low, medium and high. Low charge is indicated by the bar at the bottom being a light blue. When hit by a low charge, the C.E.O. will only take 2 points of damage. When the bar is yellow, the charge is medium. Medium charge does 4 points of damage to the C.E.O. This charge is the ideal one to use, as its range is easy to get without overshooting, it doesn't take long to wait for medium charge and does moderate damage. High charge is indicated by the bar turning red, and does 6 damage to the C.E.O. While stronger, the window between this charge and overcharging is very small, so Toons only have a split-second to get this charge. If they overshoot a high charge, the seltzer bottle will overcharge, and won't fire at all, meaning the Toon will have to rebuild the charge.

The C.E.O. has a wide array of attacks, all of which can be very deadly if underestimated:

  • Fore! - The C.E.O. grabs a golf club and swipes with it, causing waves of giant, semi-transparent golf balls to be shot around him in a pattern, each targeting a Toon. Those who are using the seltzer bottles or the golf balls can avoid this attack by jumping off. Others can dodge by simply walking out of the way.
  • Throw Gears - The C.E.O. throws small projectile gears at the Toons as if they were shurikens.
  • Swinging - The C.E.O. swings his club at a nearby Toon and fires smaller golf balls in a stream towards the Toon.

All of these attacks will aim towards where the Toon was when he threw the attack. To explain this more properly, if the C.E.O. turns to throws gears at a Toon who is standing by the door to the banquet room, and the Toon moves away from the door before the C.E.O. throws the gears, he will still throw them at the door.

Like all other Cog bosses (except from the Chief Justice), Toons will also take damage from the C.E.O. if they bump into him. He can also damage Toons by rolling over them while they are on a table. If he does this, the Toon will be flattened, alongside the table, rendering it unusable for a short period of time. The Toon will also be unable to move until the C.E.O. moves off of them, at which point they will pop back up in 2 or so seconds.

Unlike the other Cog bosses, the C.E.O. has two "pinch" phases which he can enter should the battle take too long.

  • Reorganize - This phase is initiated 20 minutes after the round starts, and is indicated by the C.E.O. saying "It's time to reorganize.", which allows him to deal 19 damage and destroy one conveyor belt. This is visible through his golf club as well, which will turn a bright green color.
  • Downsize - This phase is initiated 30 minutes after the round starts, and is indicated by the C.E.O. saying "Now let's downsize", from which point he will deal 30+ damage and destroy another conveyor belt. Toons will no longer be able to Toon-Up themselves beyond this point without the use of a Toon-Up Unite! phrase. This phase is visible through his golf club, which will change from bright green to red.

When the C.E.O is defeated. he will spin around rapidly and say "No! The Chairman won't like this!", at which point he will be demoted to a Flunky. Toons will dance in celebration of their victory, and their gag experience and ToonTask progress will be tallied up. Good ol' Gil Giggles will congratulate the Toons, and award them their pink slips, and if the Toon is high enough on their Cog suit, a laff boost. The toon will then teleport back to the Donald's Dock playground, and the battle ends.

Tier System

Note: This part gets a little technical, and may be hard to understand for some people.

Like the Chief Justice battle, the C.E.O. works on a tier system. Depending on the average level of the Cog suits entering the battle, the amount of pink slips awarded and the number and type of Cogs seated during the second round may vary. The average is worked out via the following formula:

The level of Cog Suits going into the battle ÷ The number of Toons in the battle

For example; if eight Level 1 Flunkies enter the battle, the outcome average will be level 1, since the data from this would be

1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 ÷ 1

This equation results in the answer 1, which is the identifier for a Level 1 Flunky-tier C.E.O.

The Cog value depends on the suit, but this is not simply determined by level. Each suit and level has its own unique value. The value can be easily determined via n + 1, where n is how many promotions a Toon has had totally. For example, a Level 1 Flunky has a value of 1. If one were to go from Level 1 Flunky to Level 3 Yesman, they would require a total of 10 promotions. This amount is added on to the value of 1, resulting in a value of 11, which is that of a Level 3 Yesman.

The C.E.O. battle has 5 tiers, all of which affect how the banquet room is laid out.

  • Tier 1: This tier is chosen if the average Cog level is between and including Flunky, Level 1 and Micromanager, Level 4 (a Cog suit value of 16). In this tier, the Cogs seated are all Level 11 Corporate Raiders. There are 8 tables, with 4 Cogs at each table, resulting in 32 total Cogs. One pink slip is awarded in this tier.
  • Tier 2: This tier is chosen if the average Cog level is between and including Micromanager, Level 5 (a Cog suit value of 17) and Corporate Raider, Level 8 (a Cog suit value of 32). The cogs seated are switched to Level 12 The Big Cheeses. There are now 9 tables with 5 Cogs seated at each one, resulting in 45 total Cogs. Two pink slips are awarded in this tier.
  • Tier 3: This tier is chosen if the average Cog level is between and including Corporate Raider, Level 9 (a Cog suit value of 33) and The Big Cheese, Level 19 (a Cog suit value of 47). All Cogs are Corporate Raiders, and there are 10 tables, with 6 Cogs seated at each one, resulting in 60 Cogs in total. Three pink slips are awarded in this tier.
  • Tier 4: This tier is chosen if the average Cog level is between and including The Big Cheese, Levels 20 (a Cog suit value of 48) and 34 (a Cog suit value of 62). The Cogs in this tier are all The Big Cheeses. There are 8 tables in this tier, with 8 Cogs seated at each, resulting in 64 cogs in total. Four pink slips are awarded in this tier.
  • Tier 5: This tier is chosen if the average Cog level is The Big Cheese, Level 35 or anything higher (a Cog suit value of 65, or anything higher). All Cogs are The Big Cheeses. There are now 13 tables with 5 Cogs per table, resulting in 65 total cogs. Five pink slips are awarded in this tier.


The Chief Executive Officer is the position of the most senior corporate officer (executive) or administrator in charge of managing a for-profit organization.


  • The C.E.O. is (currently) the strongest Cog in the game.
  • When the C.E.O. is defeated, he is demoted to a Flunky and then a new Cog is promoted to take his place.
  • The CEO was originally supposed to be on a golf cart in Toontown Online, but the idea was scrapped from development.
  • In Toontown Online, the golf balls hardly ever attempted to slow down the C.E.O., making most members of the community believed this was a bug. However, according to Hawkheart at OMG!Con 2016, you had to spend hours trying to slow the C.E.O. down, which is why it has been sped up in Toontown Rewritten to the point where it is very easy to slow the C.E.O. down.
  • The C.E.O. was the most recent boss to be released on Toontown Rewritten, after members of the community managed to discover the secret coordinates leading to Bossbot Headquarters, as part of an ARG.
  • The cutscenes of the entire C.E.O. battle were recreated by rewriting and adding more to all of Good ol' Gil Giggles' speeches, rewriting two speeches from the C.E.O., and implemented a feature where the C.E.O. spins around after being defeated.
  • The C.E.O. boss battle is the only battle where the Toons do not meet the boss almost immediately after they reach the area where the boss is fought in. The Toons do not meet the C.E.O. until after the first round is completed.
  • The C.E.O. boss battle has the most rounds out of any boss battle in Toontown, having four rounds as opposed to three for the V.P. and C.J., and two for the C.F.O..
  • The C.E.O appears to be rather intelligent, as he'll shut off the conveyer belts toons use to heal themselves if the battle drags on long enough.
  • The C.E.O. is the only boss that does not produce Cogs from its undercarriage during battle. However, it is unknown whether or not he produces Cogs at all.
  • Due to Version 2.0 Cogs exploding into Skelecogs when their outer shell is defeated, this is the only place where Downsizer Skelecogs can be found outside of a Mega Invasion or other methods of spawning one.


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