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Chief Financial Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Basic information
Type: Cashbots
Preceded by:
Robber baron

Robber Baron

Succeeded by:

The Chairman

The Chief Financial Officer, commonly abbreviated as the C.F.O., is the boss of the Cashbots.

He resides in the Cashbot Vault, which is located in Cashbot Headquarters, where he presumably takes charge of the financial and economical sides of businesses. Toons must build their Cashbot Cog Disguise before being permitted to enter the Cashbot Vault and defeat the C.F.O. A victory will result in Mata Hairy rewarding the Toon(s) with a random Unite! Phrase which will give them the ability to say a phrase that gives surrounding Toons either jellybeans, gags or a laff boost. Mata Hairy will also use the rewarded Unite! Phrase after the victory dance.


The CFO is a large Cog who rests upon a giant gear, which is attached to an undercarriage. This has tank tracks on the side to allow him to rotate and move. The gear upon which he sits can move up and down and rotate. This is similar to the VP. His body is a dark green suit, patterned with dollar symbols, under which he wears a white shirt and black tie. His head is a cash register, with his eyes being where the money total would normally be displayed. Above that he has another metal dollar symbol that looks somewhat like an antenna. The CFO's undercarriage also acts as a storage area for regular Cashbots and Skelecogs, as well as goons, which are seen in the final phase of his battle.


Round 1 - The Cog Battle

The battle begins with Mata Hairy, who attempts to sneak into the C.F.O.'s vault, telling the Toons to hurry into the Vault before they are caught; they are caught red-handed almost instantly by the C.F.O., who suddenly enters the room saying: "Hmm, I thought I smelled something toony in here. Imposters!". Mata Hairy then dashes into the nearby room, and tells the Toons (or Toon, if, for whatever reason, a solo run is taking place) to keep him busy while she sets up a Trap. The C.F.O. orders his Cashbots to attack, and the first battle begins.

The first round, like all Cog boss battles, is a Cog ground. The Toons are split into two groups, and must fight a large number of Cogs. Approximately 30 to 40 Cogs and Skelecogs must be defeated in this round. Regular Cogs are leveled between one to twelve, whilst Skelecogs range from level eight to twelve. When the battle is completed, the C.F.O will enter the same room as Mata Hairy, who will explain how to defeat the CFO by using cranes and disabling goons. A Goon interrupts her by waking up, and she is chased by a goon into the room where the first round took place. The second round now begins.

Round 2 - The Crane Round

The second round starts with the Toons placed in the room with the C.F.O. The gimmick here is that, in addition to his Gear Throw attack, the C.F.O. also dispenses Goons, the same way he did with Cogs in the first round. Around the edge of the room are four control pads, which control four large Big Magnet cranes. Two duties must be fulfilled in order to defeat the C.F.O.; Goon stomping and craning.

Goon stomping, sometimes shortened to just stomping or gooning, is the act of stomping the goons that come out of the C.F.O.'s undercarriage. At the start of the battle, the Goons start out as small, yellow Goons which can be disabled by simply walking into the back of them. As the C.F.O. takes damage, however, the Goons will grow in size and damage, changing colors from a yellow hard hat, to a red hard hat. Goon stompers are required for craners to do their job.

Craning is the act of using the cranes stationed inside the room to pick up Goons and hit the C.F.O. in the head with them. This is easier said than done, as the crane handles rather poorly, swinging all over the place with the slightest of movements. The color of the goons' hardhats usually indicates how much damage it will do; yellow Goons are weak, orange goons deal average damage and red goons are the strongest of the three, although this is not always the case.

If the C.F.O. takes a certain amount of damage from a Goon, he will become "stunned". When this happens, the sound effect of the Aoogah will be heard, and he will enter a dizzy phase akin to that of the Vice President. During this state, he can be hit with the safes lined around the room. The safes do much more damage than the Goons, and can end the fight quickly if used in rapid succession. If he is hit with a safe whilst he is not stunned, however, he will grab the safe and use it as a shield. This protects him from all damage, and he must be hit in the head with another safe in order to knock it off.

The C.F.O. has 500 HP, and once he has no more HP, he will give up the fight and proclaim "That's it. I've had enough of these pesky Toons!". He will then proceed to leave the room, saying "I've got a train to catch!". That is when a train comes through the room and crashes right into him. The Toons dance in celebration of their victory, and get their gag experience and Toontask progress tallied up, and then Mata Hairy will return, rewarding the players with a Unite! Phrase.

  • Tip* To make it easier for the Toons throwing Goons, bump into the CFO to make him lower himself


Attack Description Damage
Swipe If a Toon bumps into the CFO, he will move down and attempt to swipe the Toon. This may also inflict damage onto surrounding Toons. -5
Throw Gears

The CFO will randomly turn to any Toon, staring at them for a couple of seconds before throwing gears. This can be dodged by not standing in the position where the CFO is staring. The time it takes the CFO to turn to another Toon depends on the color shown on his health meter.

Safe-ty Helmet

If a Toon throws a safe at the CFO while he is not stunned by a goon, he will use this as a helmet and cannot be attacked until it is removed by throwing another safe at his head. If the CFO is not attacked for a certain period of time, he will automatically get a safe-ty helmet; this time varies depending on the color shown on his health meter. Whilst not an attack in the traditional sense, it is worth mentioning here due to the importance of knowing how to counter it.



Main article: Unite! Phrase

The rewarded unite is chosen at random. All toons that complete the CFO battle receive the same prize.

Toons of the World, Toon-Up!

  • 10 Toon-Up
  • 20 Toon-Up
  • 40 Toon-Up
  • 80 Toon-Up
  • Max Toon-Up

Toons of the World, Gag-Up!

Toons of the World, Spend Wisely!


Chief Financial Officer is a corporate title for the person responsible for managing financial operations within a company.


Laff Points:

If you wanna Survive to the Battle. You need at least +80 Laff points.


You need at least that Level of Gag Required to Defeat the First Round Faster:


Of Gag


Of Gags Required

Toon-Up lvl 6 (Juggling Balls)
Trap lvl 5 Or 6 (TrapDoor Or TNT)
Lure lvl 6 Or Maxed (Hypno Goggles Or Presentation)
Sound lvl 6 Or Maxed (Foghorn Or Opera Singer)
Throw lvl Maxed (Wedding Cake)
Squirt lvl Maxed (Geyser)
Drop lvl 5 Or 6 (Safe Or Grand Piano)


  • The train which runs over the CFO is similar to the train used in the Trap gag, Railroad.
  • There was a large magnet bug when this boss battle was released. This has since been fixed.
  • Mata Hairy uses the same Unite! Phrase you are rewarded at the end of the CFO battle.
  • It has been said that during the CFO, the higher the disguise Mata Hairy is wearing during intro, the better the Unite! Phrase will be. However, this has not been proven and merely just a theory.
  • This boss battle has the least amount of rounds of any boss battle in Toontown, having only 2 rounds as opposed to 3 for the VP and CJ and 4 for the C.E.O.
  • The C.F.O. boss battle is the only boss battle that involves goons.
  • Outside of a Skelecog invasion, this is the only place where Toons can encounter the Skelecog versions of a Bean Counter, a Number Cruncher or a Money Bags.


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