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Clarabelle's Cattlelog is a catalog that allows Toons to purchase aesthetic wares, upgrades, and other game features with jellybeans. Some of these items include SpeedChat phrases, clothing, accessories, furniture, fishing rods, Toon Rewrites, and Name Rewrites. Items purchased from the Cattlelog will arrive in the recipient's estate mailbox.

A player can view the Cattlelog by walking up to a telephone in a Toon's estate, and is then able to purchase items for themselves or for a friend. Alongside the Cattlelog, Clarabelle Cow is shown working as a telephone operator. She greets the player with a speech bubble and a nonverbal, singsong voice effect.

Toons receive one new issue of the Cattlelog weekly. Upon receiving a new issue, future Cattlelog deliveries will be placed on hold until the Toon logs in. There are seven series of Cattlelogs, each of which have its own theme. Each series comprises up to thirteen issues; new items become available for the player to purchase with each issue. The Cattlelog also features seasonal items throughout the year, many of which are themed with the corresponding event or holiday.


When a toon receives a delivery or a new Cattlelog, Clarabelle will appear on the top right corner of your screen, saying "A new delivery has arrived at your mailbox." or "Your cattlelog #(no.) has arrived. You can go to your phone to order items from this cattlelog." If it is your first cattlelog, she will say the same thing except at the beginning, she will say "Your first cattlelog has arrived!" and if you get a delivery and a new cattlelog, she will say "Your cattlelog #(no.) has arrived, also a new delivery has arrived at your mailbox."

Delivery times

Item Arrival time after purchase
Animation Immediately
Gardening kit Immediately
Name tag Immediately
SpeedChat phrase Immediately
Statue Immediately
Accessory 1 hour
Clothing 1 hour
Flooring 1 hour
Molding 1 hour
Wainscoting 4 hours
Wallpaper 4 hours
Window view 4 hours
Name Rewrite 6 hours
Toon Rewrite 6 hours
Fishing rod 24 hours
Furniture 24 hours


Gifting is a feature in Clarabelle's Cattlelog where you can either send items to a friend or other Toons on your account. This feature was released on July 17, 2015. By simply pressing the "Buy Gifts" button, you can begin gifting and check if a Toon already obtained an item. Certain items, however, cannot be bought as a gift.


  • Cattlelog is a pun that combines the words catalog and cattle.
  • Clarabelle is the only cow who appears in Toontown Rewritten.
  • Weird Wacko, a former Toontown Rewritten staff member, is Clarabelle's voice actor. In Disney's Toontown Online, there was no audio for Clarabelle.
  • Clarabelle is not the only Disney character to appear in Toontown Rewritten. Donald Duck and Scrooge McDuck are mentioned in Toontown Rewritten blog posts, and illustrations of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and others exist as in-game scenery.
  • The gardening kit could be obtained by entering the code "gardening-is-go" during the week in which Gardening was released so that players would not have to wait for a new issue.
  • Every year on the day after Thanksgiving, Clarabelle offers a special Black Friday promotion that places a 25% price discount on all items.