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Ice Cream Cone
Clerk Clara
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Clerk Clara is a Rabbit NPC Toon. She works with Clerk Clark at Goofy's Gag Shop in the Toontown Central Playground. She is one of the SOS Toons available to rescue from the Vice President.


As mentioned in the May 11th blog post, Clerk Clara is not much of a public speaker or a speaker at all. She is also a very busy person because she has to co-run one of the most popular shops in Toontown Central. In addition, she also often says "Eep!", a sound that a rabbit makes.

SOS Toon

Clerk Clara is also an SOS Toon. She is a 5-star Trap SOS. When called in battle, Clara will use Trapdoors on all cogs, which deal 180 damage to all Cogs.



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