Controls are a multitude of keys on your computer's keyboard that are required to perform various things when playing Toontown Rewritten, such as walking. Using a mouse is also needed to play the game as there are many buttons to click and navigate.

Control Action
Windows Mac Linux
up (↑) Run forward
down (↓) Walk backward
left (←) Turn left
right (→) Turn right
ctrl control ctrl Jump
tab Changes view to next camera angle
shift+tab Changes view to previous camera angle
Page Up fn + up (↑) Page Up Start/stop looking upwards
Page Down fn + down (↓) Page Down Start/stop looking downwards
home fn + left (←) home Hold to show gags
end fn + right (→) end Hold to show ToonTask(s)
delete fn+delete delete Throw/flip items (in certain situations)
insert ? ? Same use as "Delete"
alt alt alt Open/close Street M.A.P.S.
esc Open/close Shticker Book (to the "Options & Codes" page)
shift+F1 Shows the Toon's coordinates in a thought bubble
F2 ? ? In Cog facilities, this shows a thought bubble regarding the Toon's position in the facility, the facility's type, the floor number, and the current room's name and ID.
F3 fn+F3 F3 Turn off/on Toon T.A.G.S. HUD (Heads Up Display, popup messages, etc.)
alt+F4 fn+F4 or command+Q alt+F4 Closes the game
shift+F6 fn+shift+F6 shift+F6 Shows ping/latency in a word bubble
F7 fn+F7 F7 Opens the friends list
F8 fn+F8 F8 Open/close Shticker Book
F9 fn+F9 F9 Takes a screenshot
F10 ? ? Takes a screenshot that includes debug information
Type a message (must have SpeedChat Plus enabled) Create a word bubble
Type a dot then a message (must have SpeedChat Plus enabled) Creates a thought bubble
Enter Skips some dialog/say the message typed in the chat box
Type only a dot (.) then say it (must have SpeedChat Plus enabled) Clears the word/thought bubble above your Toon's head


  • Typing a dot will only delete the Toon's previous bubble, not create a blank bubble like it happens when you press Space only.
  • If you are in a room/area with a thought bubble, you will have to refresh it (type it again) periodically as any Toons who enter the room/area after you typed your thought will not be able to see it. In technical terms, this is due to a constraint within Astron that limits interest on the bubble to only those that it is initially sent to, and not to any new arrivals.
  • Your Toon's walking controls are similar to the "tank controls" in other games.
    • If the up (↑) and down (↓) arrow keys are held at the same time, your Toon will run forward.
    • If the left (←) and right (→) arrow keys are held at the same time, your Toon will turn left.
  • The ability to jump by using the Ctrl key becomes essential at a Cog headquarters later in the game. This involves bypassing obstacles or dodging an attack from a Cog boss.
  • The ability to close the game by pressing command+Q on Mac was implemented to Toontown Rewritten on January 29, 2014.