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The Election Boundaries was the area around the ropes in Toontown Central during the Toon Council Presidential Elections. Many items were inside said boundaries, however, these don't include NPCs or anything associated with the following items.



The stage located next to Toon Hall was where the election actually happened. When the event started, Alec Tinn, Slappy and Flippy marched onto the stage to make a few speeches and start the Grand Electoral Counters to announce the winner. There were also ropes used to tie up all around the stage for the election.

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Toon TV

The Toon TV was the big screen TV added for the elections to show a close up of the stage. It played the live feed from the livestream videotaped by the Camera Bots. When the Cogs invaded, the Toon TV opened up a new screen saying "Please Stand By" until the Cogs have been defeated.

Campaign Stands

Main article: Campaign Stands

The Campaign Stands were created by both Flippy and Slappy for the purpose of preparing their campaigns. Flippy's stand mainly consisted of taking a batch of Whole Cream Pies and Slappy's stand mainly consisted of obtaining a special Green Toon effect.

Camera Bots

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The Camera Bots were small, flying robots created by Doctor Surlee used to film the elections and broadcast onto the Toon TV.

Camera Bot-0

Election Microphones

The microphones on the podium were used by Alec Tinn in a way as if he was speaking to the audience loud and clear. One of the microphones were a full black color, along with one special microphone that resembled an ice cream cone.


The podium is what holds up Alec Tinn's microphones as he speaks to the audience.

Grand Electoral Counters

The Grand Electoral Counters were the two meters that were placed on the stage to tally up the votes in order to announce the winner of the elections. The counters had an animation effect when tallying up the votes. Slappy's counter was the red counter on the left side, and Flippy's counter was the blue counter on the right side.


  • The podium during the live election represented Alec Tinn and most of his overall outfit colors.

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