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Elm Street
Elm Street-0
Leaf your mark by defeating some cogs.
Daisy Gardens
Leads to
Silly Street
General information
Minimum Cog level: 2
Maximum Cog level: 4
Maximum building floors: 3 floors
Maximum building Cog level: 7
Cog type rarity
0% 20% 10% 70%

Elm Street is a street found in Daisy Gardens, which leads to Silly Street in Toontown Central.

The Fisherman on this street is Fisherman Sally.


  1. Eye of the Potato Optometry (Dr. Spud)
  2. Artie Choke's Neckties (Artie)
  3. Lettuce Alone Salad Bar (Wilt)
  4. Canteloupe! Bridal Shop (Honey Dew)
  5. Vege-Tables and Chairs (Vegetable Vern)
  6. Petals (Petal)
  7. Compost Office (Postman Felipe)
  8. Mom and Pop Corn (Pop Corn)
  9. Berried Treasure (Barry Medly)
  10. Gopher's Gags (Gopher)
  11. Black-Eyed Susan's Boxing Lessons (Susan)
  12. Pine Needle Crafts (Shoshanna Sap)
  13. Crop Top Barber (Barber Bjorn)
  14. Bud's Bird Seed (Bud)
  15. Leaf It Bees Nursery (Polly Pollen)
  16. Dew Drop Inn (Innkeeper Janet)
  17. Flutterby's Butterflies (Flutterby)
  18. Peas and Q's Restaurant (Paula Peapod)
  19. Jack's Beanstalks (Jack)
  20. Rake It Inn (Leif Pyle)
  21. Grape Expectations (Diane Vine)
  22. Petal Pusher Bicycles (Soggy Bottom)
  23. Mum's The Word Privacy Consultants (Madam Mum)
  24. Bubble Bird Baths (Sanjay Splash)

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