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Fish are sea creatures that can be found and fished in fishing ponds all over Toontown. Fish families range from Clown Fishes which seem to be based off a sad clown to realistic horses and with scuba sets. Once caught, they are stored in a Toon's fishing bucket and can be sold to Fishermen and Pet Shop clerks in exchange for Jellybeans and per every new fish species delivered you will receive a fishing trophy that can be viewed in the Shticker Book at the Fish Gallery page bundled with a Laff point. Some fish can only be caught with a specific type of the Fishing Rod because of their weight.

Fish Families

Amore Eel

Main article: Amore Eel

The Amore Eel family consists of two fish, the regular Amore Eel and the Electric Amore Eel. The very common Amore Eel can be found in both Donald's Dock and Daisy Gardens, while the common Electric Amore Eel is exclusive to the latter neighborhood. Every time they are seen, they follow their own tails in heart-like patterns. They can be caught with all the fishing rods.

Balloon Fish

Main article: Balloon Fish

The Balloon Fish family is one of the most common species in Toontown that has five different kind of fish. Balloon Fish can be found anywhere and in ToonTown Central with any kind of rod. It looks like a mixture of a Blow Fish and a Balloon.

Bear Acuda

Main article: Bear Acuda

Bear Acudas are a fish which first appears in The Brrrgh. Toontown currently contains eight different species of the Bear Acuda genus. Though The Brrrgh is the primary location for them, they can also be found in the Toonfest area, and in Acorn Acres.

Cat Fish

Main article: Cat Fish

Cat Fish are a direct reference to the real-life cat fish genus. There are only 5 species of Cat Fish, most commonly found in Daisy Gardens. Cat Fish are also found at a Toon's Estate, Donald's Dreamland, and some can be found in any pond.

Clown Fish

Main article: Clown Fish

Clown Fish are a fish genus most likely to be found in Toontown Central. The genus has an image which parodies the idea behind its name. Although most of the clown fish species can be found anywhere, the Circus Clown Fish may only be found in Toontown Central, Minnie's Melodyland, and Acorn Acres.

Cutthroat Trout

Main article: Cutthroat Trout

Cutthroat Trout are a genus of fish with three species. These fish are primarily caught in Donald's Dock.

Devil Ray

Main article: Devil Ray

The Devil Ray is the rarest kind of fish in Toontown and has no sub-species. They can be caught with any fishing rod, as their weight ranges from 1lbs. to 20lbs.

Dog Fish

Main article: Dog Fish

Dog Fish are a genus of fish with five different species able to be caught. The Bull Dog Fish is particularly special, as it is the only fish able to be caught with the Gold Rod.

Frozen Fish

Main article: Frozen Fish

The Frozen Fish is the only species in its genus. It can be caught anywhere in The Brrrgh, once a Toon has the Bamboo Rod.

Holey Mackerel

Main article: Holey Mackerel

The Holey Mackerel is one of the three Extremely Rare fish (rarity 9). It is most often found at a Toon's estate, but can also be fished in Toonfest Area, Acorn Acres, and is very rarely caught in any other pond in Toontown.

King Crab

Main article: King Crab

The King Crab family of fish has three species. These fish are commonly found in Donald's Dock and The Brrrgh.

Moon Fish

Main article: Moon Fish

Moon Fish are most commonly found in Donald's Dreamland, though the Harvest Moon Fish species has been spotted in Daisy Gardens. There are six species of Moon Fish to be found in Toontown.

Nurse Shark

Main article: Nurse Shark

Nurse Sharks are a genus of fish with three species. Though this genus is primarily found in Minnie's Melodyland, the Nurse Shark and Florence Nurse Shark may also be found in Acorn Acres.

Peanut Butter & Jellyfish

Main article: Peanut Butter & Jellyfish

There are currently five species within the Peanut Butter & Jellyfish genus. This genus is caught all over Toontown.

Piano Tuna

Main article: Piano Tuna

The Piano Tuna genus' name is a play on words. There are currently five species of piano tuna. This genus contains the Baby Grand Piano Tuna, which is a rarity 9 fish, as well as the ultra rare Grand Piano Tuna, at rarity 10.

Pool Shark

Main article: Pool Shark

Pool Sharks' name is another play on words. This genus houses three species, all of which are primarily caught in Daisy Gardens and Donald's Dock.

Sea Horse

Main article: Sea Horse

The Sea Horse genus contains four species. All of the species within this genus are most likely to be caught when fishing at a Toon's estate, though Daisy Gardens also has a high catch rate.

Star Fish

Main article: Star Fish

Star Fish is another genus with an Ultra Rare (rarity 10) fish. There are five species of Star Fish in Toontown, and all can be caught anywhere.

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