Gold Rod

An example of a fishing rod: the Gold Rod.

fishing rod is used to catch fish. Fishing is an activity initiated anytime you step onto a dock by a pond. You can collect many different types of fish. Fishing rods are only usable on docks. A new type of fishing rod will be available in Clarabelle's Cattlelog after the previous fishing rod has been purchased (for example: In order to be able to purchase the Steel Rod, you must have had purchased the Hardwood Rod).


When fishing, each cast costs jellybeans, depending on what type of rod you own.

  • Twig Rod - 1 jellybean
  • Bamboo Rod - 2 jellybeans
  • Hardwood Rod - 3 jellybeans
  • Steel Rod - 4 jellybeans
  • Gold Rod - 5 jellybeans


With each new rod, you can collect better fish. The following are all types of fishing rods:

Twig Rod

Main article: Twig Rod

The Twig Rod is rod 1 of 5 fishing rods that can be obtained in Toontown. This rod has the ability to catch 38 fish. A Toon has this rod from the moment they enter Toontown.

Bamboo Rod 

Main article: Bamboo Rod

The Bamboo Rod is rod 2 of 5 fishing rods found in Toontown. This rod adds on 11 additional species, on top of that which can be caught with the Twig Rod. This brings the total fish able to be caught to 49. This rod's name is similar to the bamboo cane, which is a Toon-Up gag.

Hardwood Rod

Main article: Hardwood Rod

The Hardwood Rod is rod 3 of 5 fishing rods that can be obtained in Toontown. This rod adds 11 additional fish, on top of the fish a Toon can already catch with the Bamboo and Twig rods. This brings the total fish that can be caught to 60.

Steel Rod

Main article: Steel Rod

The Steel Rod is rod 4 of 5 fishing rods found in Toontown. This rod adds 9 new species to the list of fish a Toon can catch. It brings the total amount of catchable fish to 69 species.

Gold Rod

Main article: Gold Rod

The Gold Rod is the fifth and final fishing rod currently obtainable in Toontown. It adds one species of fish to the list of fish able to be caught.


  • The trolley game, Treasure Dive, features fish that you can collect in the ponds.

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