Pocketwatch 2
The content here is outdated!
This page contains information about content that may no longer have any relevance to Toontown Rewritten. However, it is important to remember that the content revealed on said page can be based on the game's storyline.
Flippy's Plane in Balloon

This toy airplane belongs to Flippy, which accidentally merged onto Slappy's hot air balloon during a flight. The airplane represents Flippy's color and his signature clothes, along with its right wing being slightly damaged.


  • Flippy's airplane resembles planes made through 1900-1930, with a single propeller.[1]
  • Unlike Slappy's hot air balloon, Toons could not ride Flippy's airplane. However, the airplane was an easter egg of the balloon.
  • Slappy mentioned that an airplane flew into his balloon as he was traveling back to Toontown Central. Flippy mentioned that the accident was his fault.
  • Flippy would've possibly allowed Toons to ride his airplane in some way, but it is unknown if he was planning this for one of his campaigns in the Toon Council Presidential Elections.




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