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Franz Neckvein
Franz Neckvein
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The Punch Line Gym Location

Franz Neckvein is a mouse NPC Toon. He lives and works at The Punch Line Gym on Punchline Place in Toontown Central. There are no mainline ToonTasks associated with Franz; however, by random chance, Flippy may send a Toon to him to explain the differences between Toon-Up and Sound before choosing a Gag.

SOS Toon

Franz Neckvein is also a SOS Toon. He is 4-star Drop SOS. When called in battle, Franz will use Safes, which causes 100 damage to all Cogs. If there is any lured Cog, the Safe will miss it. Given that no other Drop gag is used alongside him, his safes will hold perfect accuracy on any cog below level 10. This accuracy is maintained on level 10+ cogs, only as long as the Toon summoning her has Drop gags.


The Punch Line Gym Location

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