Friends list

Toon friends who are online.

When you make a friend with another Toon in Toontown Rewritten, that Toon becomes viewable from your Friends List. Your normal friends retain their green nametag. You can view their Toon stats, whisper to them, teleport to them, and stop being friends with them, even when that Toon is in a different location than you. When in a street battle, you can use a turn to call for the help of one of your friends.

You can make a new friend by clicking on a Toon and passive-aggressively sending a "Check Yes or No" friend request with the power of Toon T.A.G.S..

True Friends have blue nametags. You can openly Chat with your True Friends using your keyboard without having to use SpeedChat or SpeedChat Plus. This is recommended for people you know in real life. To use True Friends, you need to activate them in your account settings. True Friends were not implemented in Toontown Rewritten Alpha nor Beta.

Sending a Friend Request

There are two ways you can make friends with a Toon.

  1. The first way is that you click on your friends list, click the hand and then click on the toons name. It should be sending a friend request to them.
  2. Another way is to click on the toon's name and you'll see their Toon Panel. Click "Add Friend" and it should also be sending a friend request to the toon.

Friend List

A Friend List is a list that stores all your friends you make in Toontown Rewritten. The maximum friends you can have is 100 (formerly 50 in Toontown Online). Normal friends are Toons with green nametags, true friends are Toons with blue nametags, and doodles have an orange nametag. To find your Friend List, click on the blue icon on the top right of your screen.

There are 4 sections in the friend list: Nearby Pets, Online Toon Friends, All Toon Friends, and Online Player Friends.

  • Nearby Pets: Shows you all of the doodles in your area (only in an estate).
  • Online Toon Friends: Shows you all of your friends that are online.
  • All Toon Friends: Shows you ALL of your friends that are online and offline.
  • Online Player Friends: (Unused)
    • This was part of Toontown Online's Disney XD integration (around 2008). While playing Toontown Online (TTO), you could whisper to users playing other Disney MMOs (eg. Pirates of the Caribbean Online) and/or users on the Disney XD Website. When the Disney XD accounts were no longer supported, this part of the Friends List stopped working.


Loony Labs began studying a strange new technology called Friendship when 200 new Toons moved into the town during Toontown Rewritten Alpha. They made a firmware update to Toon T.A.G.S. (Totally Awesome Graphic Simulator) that let users view the Toon stats of other Toons and "whispering". Custom sentences didn't work at first, but SpeedChat messages worked fine.

About a month later, the TTR Developers fell behind on the updates, so Sir Max got everyone to go on a soothing nature walk to unwind. But then they got a little sidetracked. Things went well for the first ten minutes or so. Maybe seven. Shockley only threatened to throw Too Many Secrets off of a cliff twice, and some nice guys with masks on took all of their supplies. Sir Max went fishing at a nearby pond for food and found a jellybean. (Kids just throw their money away these days.)

14-1-11 LOTRmarathon
The Jellybean turned out to be some sort of dark power forged by evil, yada yada yada, and they had to go to some volcano down a corridor to destroy it. One doesn't simply walk through a corridor. To get through it, they had to band together and form this Fellowship, or Friendship, of The Bean.

The Jellybean might have been evil and driven them all against each other with greed and power, but they were driven against each other together. If that isn't friendship, I don't know what is.

They destroyed the evil bean, made it back to Toontown and brought back the tooniful tidings of Friendship for everyone!

The next day, Shockley (who got lost and missed the entire adventure) made his way back to find everyone sitting in a room staring at each other. And Sir Max was locked in his room mumbling something about a Bean. Shockley decided that everyone had gone insane, and took it upon myself to write the post for that day.


  • True Friends used to be called Secret Friends ("sf" for short) in Toontown Online, but Disney later changed this.