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Golfing galore

Golfing is an activity where Toons can play mini-golf over a series of holes to earn laff boosts and golfing trophies. Mini-golf is a side activity, and not required in any ToonTasks to progress further in the game. Golfing can be played with up to 4 players at a time, each taking turns (note that golf balls don't have collisions and can't be knocked by other balls) until all players have got the ball into the hole or until players have reached a limit of three shots over par.

There are three courses available, each with 3, 6, and 9 randomly selected holes that will be played in succession. At the end of a course, the player with the lowest number of shots will be the winner. Golfing can be accessed via golf carts in Chip 'n Dale's MiniGolf (which can be accessed via a tunnel in Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres). Mini-golf in Toontown Rewritten was originally unavailable due to major bugs[1], and was released on December 7, 2015.[2][3]


Opening & Walk in the Par

Mini-golf was first introduced to the game when it was announced in a blog post called Daily Alpha Update: Get Ready Fore This where the Chip 'n Dale's MiniGolf area was unlocked, however actual mini-golf was still unimplemented. According to Sir Max, golf was not introduced with the mini-golf area because "golf balls really like to defy the laws of physics". It wasn't until (Super Saturday: On Par) that mini-golf was actually implemented, and unfortunately Sir Max had only got one ball to obey the laws of physics. This meant only one player could play at a time, and only on the easiest course, "Walk in the Par".

Hole-Some Fun

It was quickly discovered that all of the work getting the balls to obey the laws of physics had not worked whatsoever.[1] According to Sir Max: "Once inside of our golf courses, he immediately disregarded all rules of the Tooniverse and sat there like a rock". It was also uncovered that the golf balls were wanted criminals, and they were handed in to the Toontown Police Department. Sir Max got some new golf balls, that supposedly obeyed the laws of physics, and this meant multiplayer golf was implemented along with the "Hole-Some Fun" course and proper hole-switching after completion.

More Problems & Golf Hats

The update had not worked and mini-golf was still bugged, which was revealed in the blog post called Daily Alpha Update: Dumpster Diving. Apparently Sir Max had just got the exact same golf balls as before from the dumpster, and the balls were still sitting there like a rock. Because of the repeated failures at getting golf to work, Sir Max gave every Toon a complimentary golf hat, which was mocking the fact that they couldn't actually use it for golf.

Current Day

Since then, the Toontown Rewritten Team has been searching for some golf balls that will obey the laws of physics. However, Sir Max stated that they are hard to come by these days. Due to golf still being bugged, it was pulled from the game until they can get it working. Chip 'n Dale's MiniGolf could still be accessed at the time, however the golf carts were no longer there. On December 7th 2015, Doctor Surlee stated in a blog post called Surlee's Theory of Golfitivity that he had figured out the problem and the golf balls were ready to go. The day after, golfing was released to all Toons, and the golf carts were placed back in Chip 'n Dale's MiniGolf.


Row 1:

Trophy Number Description
1 4 courses completed
2 40 courses completed
3 400 courses completed
4 1 course under par
5 10 courses under par
6 100 courses under par
7 1 Hole in One shots
8 10 Hole in One shots
9 100 Hole in One Shots
10 2 Eagle or Better Shots

Row 2:

Trophy Number Description
11 20 Eagle or Better Shots
12 200 Eagle or Better Shots
13 3 Birdie or Better Shots
14 30 Birdie or Better Shots
15 300 Birdie or Better Shots
16 4 Par or Better shots
17 40 Par or Better Shots
18 400 Par or Better Shots
19 6 Multiplayer Courses Completed
20 60 Multiplayer Courses Completed

Row 3:

Trophy Number Description
21 600 Multiplayer Courses Completed
22 1 Walk in the Par win
23 10 Walk in the Par wins
24 100 Walk in the Par wins
25 1 Hole Some Fun win
26 10 Hole Some Fun wins
27 100 Hole Some Fun wins
28 1 Kit and Caboodle Wins
29 10 Kit and Caboodle Wins
30 100 Kit and Caboodle Wins

Row 4:

Trophy Number Description
31 Laff Boost 1 (10 trophies earned)
32 Laff Boost 2 (20 trophies earned)
33 Laff Boost 3 (All 30 trophies earned)


  • Before golf was implemented into Toontown Rewritten, the physics for it (such as golf balls and animations) were. This can be seen in the boss battle against the Chief Executive Officer, as players have the option to hit golf balls towards him using golf clubs in order to slow him down.
  • The color of your golf ball depends on where you sit on the golf cart. The Toon in the driver seat gets a red ball, the front passenger gets a blue ball, the back-left passenger gets a yellow ball, and the back-right passenger gets a purple ball.



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