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Goons are one-eyed, two-legged robotic guards who serve the Cogs. They project a searchlight out of their eye, which causes damage to a Toon if stepped on. They can be stunned by jumping on their helmets; however they are reactivated after four seconds plus an additional one and a half seconds to resume before they are able to cause damage.

They only appear in the Cog headquarters, in which most of them appear in facilities such as the Sellbot Factory, Cashbot Mints, and the District Attorney's Office.

They also appear in the Chief Financial Officer boss battle. When battling the C.F.O. in the Cashbot Vault, goons walk out of its undercarriage. The color of the goon is dependent on the color of the health meter on the C.F.O., the damage of their searchlight also increase throughout the battle. If a goon is stunned during the battle, they may produce a treasure depending on the size of the goon. There can be a maximum of between 8 to 16 goons which is dependent on the health of the C.F.O., more goons appear when the C.F.O.'s health is green.


There are several variants of goons. Most of them are exclusively seen in the Cashbot Vault.

Image Size Damage Located
Mini 2 Cashbot Vault
Small 3 - 10

Cashbot Vault

Sellbot Factory

Cashbot Mints

Regular 8 - 14 Cashbot Vault
Goon Orange
Big 10 - 19 Cashbot Vault
Red Goon
Large 12 - 24 Cashbot Vault
Red Goon
Huge 15 - 30 Cashbot Vault
Security Goon
Giant 15 District Attorney's Office

Chief Financial Officer

Once his helmet is gone, grab a disabled goon and hit him in the head!

Mata Hairy, during the Chief Financial Officer boss battle

If a goon is stunned they may produce a treasure. The treasure produced is dependent on the damage of the goon's spotlight.

Goon damage Treasure Heal
0 - 10
Ice Cream Cone
11 - 15
11 - 15
11 - 15
Music Note
16 - 30
16 - 30


  • Canonically, the Cogs stole the goons' design from Doctor Surlee's Camera Bots that were invented to livestream the Toon Council Presidential Elections.
  • Mini goons can be disabled by walking onto them, unlike other goons which require you to jump.
  • Giant goons are tough to disable; they can only be disabled if jumped onto from a high surface.
  • The Chief Financial Officer generates goons in the boss battle.
  • Huge goons are able to cause the most damage to a Toon at once by a maximum of 30 damage, which is stronger than any Cog attack. This also makes them stronger than even giant goons.
  • There are a few absolutely enormous goons in the District Attorney's Office. These goons have dark orange hats, unlike any other goon, and their bodies are red colored; their unusual colors may be due to rust.


Surlee's Papers

The Cogs
FlunkyPencil PusherYesmanMicromanagerDownsizerHead Hunter
Corporate RaiderThe Big Cheese Chief Executive Officer
Bottom FeederBloodsuckerDouble TalkerAmbulance ChaserBack StabberSpin Doctor
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Short ChangePenny PincherTightwadBean CounterNumber CruncherMoney Bags
Loan SharkRobber Baron Chief Financial Officer
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The MinglerMr. Hollywood Vice President
GoonsSkelecogsVirtual SkelecogsVersion 2.0 Cogs
Director of Ambush MarketingThe Chairman
Building-only Cogs Boss

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