Green Toon is a special Toon effect for St. Patrick's Day. In 2014, Toons could only obtain this effect by touching Slappy's campaign stand during his campaigns for the Toon Council Presidential Elections. Now every year, Toons may visit Eugene at Green Bean Jeans to obtain the effect by saying the SpeedChat phrase, "It's easy to be green!".


  • If a Toon hops on the Trolley or edits their estate, they will temporarily return to their normal color.
  • This is the only type of effect that changes the color of the Toon's gloves.
  • There was a bug back in Alpha where you teleport to a different district or log off with the effect and your Toon's nose would turn into the color of your whole Toon. However, the gloves don't change. It is unknown if this bug still exists.
  • For the first time on March 17, 2016, Eugene allowed Toons to obtain a pair of green gloves rather than becoming entirely green. Eugene believes the green gloves may feast some Toons' hungering bellies due to their hope for colored gloves.

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