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HQ Harry
HQ Harry
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HQ Harry is a dog NPC Toon who is the HQ Officer in Toon Headquarters during the Toon-torial. He gives new Toons their Shticker Book, and explains what the book is about and what is in the book. He will give you a ToonTask to ride the Trolley.


  • HQ Harry is the only HQ Officer who has an actual name, as well as the only one found in the Toon-torial.
  • HQ Harry and Tutorial Tom are the only NPCs in the Toon-torial that never make a return in the game. The only known NPC to return after that is Flippy.
  • You cannot obtain ToonTasks from HQ Harry (besides the Trolley ToonTask), as you never see him after the Toon-torial.
  • HQ Harry was the first to warn Toons of the first Cog Invasion from Mover & Shakers in a blog post on the Toontown Rewritten website.[1] He also created a blog post detailing the ending result of the Toon Council Presidential Elections after the Doomsday battle had ended.[2]



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