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October 25 - November 1 (Every year)

Halloween is a spooky event which occurs in Toontown. In the real world, Halloween is celebrated on October 31st. In Toontown, the curse of a vengeful wizard triggers all sorts of spooky scenery from October 25th to November 1st.

SpeedChat phrases

    • Happy Halloween!
    • Trick or Treat!
    • Are you hunting for the Pumpkin Head Curse?
    • That's the last time I trust a wizard...
    • I declare with all my might that I shall be a Pumpkin tonight!

Clarabelle's Cattlelog

Toons will receive a new cattlelog featuring all sorts of Halloween-themed items, including clothing, accessories, and furniture. Once the event is over, all these items will no longer become available in the cattlelog until the next event, but will still appear in the backorder.

In Clarabelle's Cattleog, two new special outfits can be obtained by male and female Toons respectively. Male Toons may dress up as a jester while female Toons may dress up as a witch.



Main article: Trick-or-Treating

Trick-or-Treating is a special activity where Toons say "Trick or Treat!" to six shopkeepers by using the respective SpeedChat phrase from the "Halloween" section. When visiting the last shopkeeper, the greedy Jack O' Kazam will unleash his Pumpkin Head curse.

Hunt for spooky bean bags

Main article: Spooky bean bags

Scattered across Toontown, Toons can locate one of Jack O' Kazam's spooky bean bags in any playground or building within the area. Only one bag is found in all districts, but a bag will spawn in a certain spot each time a bag is collected. When a Toon collects a bag, they receive a special unite that may consist of 1000 jellybeans or a surprise "curse".

Become a Black Cat

Main article: Black Cat

On October 31st, Flippy offers a special treat for cats who cross his path by saying the SpeedChat phrase "Toontastic!" to him in the Toon-torial or at Toon Hall.


During Halloween, the weather aspects of Toontown turn dark and cloudy in all playgrounds, with the exception of Cog headquarters. Everywhere in Toontown with the exception of Cog headquarters is decorated with spooky Halloween decorations.


Halloween Theme
Toontown Rewritten Halloween Theme


  • Trick-or-Treating for Pumpkin Heads function similarly to Caroling for Snowman Heads.
  • In 2014, there was a glitch when you could say the "Trick or Treat!" phrase constantly to receive as many jellybeans as you want. This glitch has since been fixed.
    • After the update for fixing some bugs with Halloween, there seemed to be another glitch where if you log out of the game or switch to a different district, you lose your Pumpkin Head, which means you would be able to Trick-or-Treat again. This glitch has also been fixed.
  • The Pick-A-Toon theme is a remix of the Toontown Online theme, rather than the Toontown Rewritten theme. However, it starts with Rewritten's intro before fading in to the remix (evidenced by the ringing instrument instead of the woodblock in the background).


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