Jellybean jar in-game

A jellybean jar is an item that a Toon uses to carry jellybeans. You can increase the capacity of a Toon's jar by completing certain ToonTasks.

The amount of jellybeans in the jar can be viewed at any given time in the "gags" section of the Shticker Book or by pressing the home button on Windows, or function + ← on Mac. It is also displayed while fishing, in Goofy's Gag Shop, and between trolley games.

If a Toon earns jellybeans while there's no more room in their jar, all the extra jellybeans go to their jellybean bank located at the estate.


  • Donald's Dreamland is the only playground where you can get three ToonTasks for the amount of jellybeans you can carry.
  • Introduced since ToonFest 2015, there is another jar that is used for storing ToonFest Tokens.

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