Juggling Balls battle
Juggling Balls
Juggling Balls Icon
Basic information
Track: Toon-Up
Level: 6
Accuracy: Medium
Affects: All Toons
Minimum heal: 90
Maximum heal: 120
Organic boost: 99-132
Carry capacity
Minimum: 3
Maximum: 3
Preceded by:
Pixie Dust Icon

Pixie Dust

Succeeded by:
High Dive Icon

High Dive

Skill points gained:


Skill points needed:


The Juggling Balls is the level six Toon-Up gag. It is preceded by the Pixie Dust. Once a Toon earns 10,000 skill points, they will gain the final Toon-Up gag, High Dive.


  • The healing power increases by one about every 134 points earned.


  • Juggling Balls are one of the gags used by 3 to 5 Star Toon-Up SOS Toons.
  • On the Juggling Balls' icon, the three Juggling Balls are shown to be in different colors; one is red, one is green and one is blue. However, when they are used in game, the blue one is absent, instead being replaced by a red one.
  • Toons often refer to this gag as Juggling Cubes, as the "balls" are cube-shaped in the drawings and 3D models. This name was also used on the Toontown Online trading cards. The word "balls" is also filtered in Toontown Rewritten.
    • The reason Toons lift their feet while juggling is that the creator of Toontown Online, Jesse Schell, would lift his foot while juggling.
  • During the Christmas event of 2015, the Juggling Balls were changed. They were like snowballs, but still contained their shape and size.