Jumping is the act of your Toon jumping in the air by pressing the "Ctrl" key. Your toon can jump in a direction by pressing the desired arrow key and the Ctrl key. Jumping can be useful for getting out of the fountains in the Toontown Central playground, avoiding the Vice President's and Chief Justice's jump attack, traversing certain sections of the factories in Sellbot Headquarters and Mints in Cashbot Headquarters, some trolley games, and properly enjoying the lower gravity in estates during April Toons' Week.

Jumping can play 3 different animations in different conditions.

  1. Jumping while standing in place. (as shown in the picture)
  2. Jumping while walking or running.
  3. Landing in a place lower than where you jumped from.

"Jump" is also the first doodle trick. It can refill the Toon with 5-10 Laff points depending on how far the Doodle is trained in the trick.

Trolley Games that feature Jumping


  • In Toontown Online, there was no in-game tutorial mentioning the jump button. This caused some new toons to get stuck in the fountain in Toontown Central. However, they were mentioned in the Tips-and-Tricks on the Toontown website. Also, some signs at the start of the Toontown streets say "Jump!" suggesting that there is a jump button, yet not specifying what it is (Ctrl).
  • In Toontown Rewritten's first April Toons' Week, not only was the estate gravity temporarily lowered, but on gravity was lowered everywhere.
  • Toontown Online implied that jumping is a widely-known action, therefore having boss battles with obstacles, making you rely on jumping.
  • The Happy emotion uses two animations that jumping uses. The one for jumping while standing still, and the one for landing in a place lower than where you jumped from.
  • Jumping in the Toon Memory Game trolley game has a unique sound affect.
  • The Toon Slingshot trolley game uses a jumping animation, but doesn't include actual jumping.

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