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This is a page featuring a list of rewards giving by ToonTasks that are optional. As the name implies, these tasks are just for fun and do not have to be completed, therefore you can delete these tasks. No rewards from these ToonTasks can permanently impact gameplay and/or progress of the Toon. After you have completed ToonTasks for parts of the Final Cog Disguise, there will be an infinite supply of Just for Fun! ToonTasks.


Toon Effects


Examples of Just for Fun tasks.

Big Toon Effects

Small Toon Effects

Flat Effects

Other Effects



  • Most Toons use Just for Fun! ToonTasks to encourage them to train their Toon at lower Laff.
  • These tasks are the only part of Toontown Rewritten that is considered non-canon.
  • When you finish every necessary toontask in the game, you can only complete Just for Fun! Tasks.

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