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Knock-knock doors are special, joke-telling doors located in every street across Toontown. They all seem to be closed off, and standing in front of one will trigger the door, or the Toon behind the door, to tell the person who's standing in front of them. If one decides to walk too far away from the door while the joke is being told, the joke stops being told. When the building a door is connected to is taken over by the Cogs, the door turns into a gray tunnel only the Cogs can enter and leave. This tunnel is capable of spawning more Cogs near the building. Some knock-knock doors appear out of bounds, but if one manages to somehow reach them, do tell a joke.


Before Alpha began, fans could have a chance at winning an alpha key by submitting a knock-knock joke of their own to Toontown Rewritten on a MMO Central Forums thread created by Sir Max.[1] Several entries won, and have since then been told by the knock-knock doors on Silly Street at Toontown Central.


  • 'Wally', "Wally's not looking, hit him with a pie!",
  • 'Biscuit', 'Biscuit out of here the Cogs are coming!',
  • 'Dewey', 'Dewey want to go defeat some more Cogs?',
  • 'Minnie', "Minnie people have asked that, and it's driving me crazy!"
  • 'Disguise', 'Disguise where the Cogs fly!'
  • 'Justin', 'Justin other couple of Cog parts and off we go!'
  • 'Aladdin', 'Aladdin HQ wants a word with you.'
  • 'Weirdo', 'Weirdo all these Cogs come from?'
  • 'Bacon', 'Bacon a cake to throw at the Cogs.'
  • 'Isaiah', 'Isaiah we go ride the trolley.'
  • 'Juliet', 'Juliet me in that Cog building with you and I'll give you a Toon-Up.'
  • 'Who', 'Bad echo in here, isn't there?'
  • 'Dozen', 'Dozen anybody want to let me in?'
  • 'Freddie', 'Freddie or not, here I come.'
  • 'Dishes', 'Dishes your friend, let me in.'
  • 'Wooden shoe', 'Wooden shoe like to know.'
  • 'Betty', "Betty doesn't know who I am."
  • 'Kent', 'Kent you tell?',
  • 'Noah', 'Noah don't know who either.',
  • 'I don't know', 'Neither do I, I keep telling you that.'
  • 'Howard', 'Howard I know?',
  • 'Emma', 'Emma so glad you asked me that.'
  • 'Auto', 'Auto know, but I've forgotten.
  • 'Jess', 'Jess me and my shadow.'
  • 'One', 'One-der why you keep asking that?'
  • 'Alma', 'Alma not going to tell you!'
  • 'Zoom', 'Zoom do you expect?'
  • 'Amy', 'Amy fraid I've forgotten.'
  • 'Arfur', 'Arfur got.'
  • 'Ewan', 'No, just me'
  • 'Cozy', 'Cozy who's knocking will you?'
  • 'Sam', 'Sam person who knocked on the door last time.'
  • 'Fozzie', 'Fozzie hundredth time, my name is Flippy.'
  • 'Deduct', Donald Deduct.'
  • 'Max', 'Max no difference, just open the door.'
  • 'N.E.', 'N.E. body you like, let me in.'
  • 'Amos', 'Amos-quito bit me.'
  • 'Alma', 'Alma candy's gone.'
  • 'Bruce', 'I Bruce very easily, don't hit me.'
  • 'Colleen', 'Colleen up your room, it's filthy.'
  • 'Elsie', 'Elsie you later.'
  • 'Hugh', 'Hugh is going to let me in?'
  • 'Hugo', 'Hugo first - I'm scared.'
  • 'Ida', 'Ida know. Sorry!'
  • 'Isabel', 'Isabel on a bike really necessary?'
  • 'Joan', 'Joan call us, we'll call you.'
  • 'Kay', 'Kay, L, M, N, O, P.'
  • 'Justin', 'Justin time for dinner.'
  • 'Liza', 'Liza wrong to tell.'
  • 'Luke', 'Luke and see who it is.'
  • 'Mandy', 'Mandy the lifeboats, we're sinking.'
  • 'Max', 'Max no difference - just open the door!'
  • 'Nettie', 'Nettie as a fruitcake.'
  • 'Olivia', 'Olivia me alone!'
  • 'Oscar', 'Oscar stupid question, you get a stupid answer.'
  • 'Patsy', 'Patsy dog on the head, he likes it.'
  • 'Paul', 'Paul hard, the door's stuck again.'
  • 'Thea', 'Thea later, alligator.'
  • 'Tyrone', 'Tyrone shoelaces, you're old enough.'
  • 'Stella', 'Stella no answer at the door.',
  • 'Uriah', 'Keep Uriah on the ball.',
  • 'Dwayne', 'Dwayne the bathtub. I'm drowning.',
  • 'Dismay', 'Dismay be a joke, but it didn't make me laugh.',
  • 'Ocelot', 'Ocelot of questions, don't you?',
  • 'Thermos', 'Thermos be a better knock knock joke than this.'
  • 'Sultan', 'Sultan Pepper.'
  • 'Vaughan', 'Vaughan day my prince will come.'
  • 'Donald', 'Donald come baby, cradle and all.'
  • 'Lettuce', 'Lettuce in, won't you?'
  • 'Ivor', 'Ivor sore hand from knocking on your door!'
  • 'Isabel', 'Isabel broken, because I had to knock.'
  • 'Heywood, Hugh, Harry', 'Heywood Hugh Harry up and open this door.'
  • 'Juan', 'Juan of this days you'll find out.'
  • 'Earl', 'Earl be glad to tell you if you open this door.'
  • 'Abbot', 'Abbot time you opened this door!'
  • 'Ferdie', 'Ferdie last time, open the door!'
  • 'Don', 'Don mess around, just open the door.'
  • 'Sis', 'Sis any way to treat a friend?'
  • 'Isadore', 'Isadore open or locked?'
  • 'Harry', 'Harry up and let me in!'
  • 'Theodore', "Theodore wasn't open so I knocked-knocked."
  • 'Ken', 'Ken I come in?'
  • 'Boo', 'There's no need to cry about it.'
  • 'You', 'You who! Is there anybody there?'
  • 'Ice cream', 'Ice cream if you don't let me in.'
  • 'Sarah', 'Sarah 'nother way into this building?'
  • 'Mikey', 'Mikey dropped down the drain.'
  • 'Doris', 'Doris jammed again.'
  • 'Yelp', 'Yelp me, the door is stuck.'
  • 'Scold', 'Scold outside.'
  • 'Diana', 'Diana third, can I have a drink please?'
  • 'Doris', 'Doris slammed on my finger, open it quick!'
  • 'Lettuce', 'Lettuce tell you some knock knock jokes.'
  • 'Izzy', 'Izzy come, izzy go.'
  • 'Omar', 'Omar goodness gracious - wrong door!'
  • 'Says', 'Says me, that's who!'
  • 'Duck', 'Just duck, they're throwing things at us.'
  • 'Tank', 'You're welcome.']
  • 'Eyes', 'Eyes got loads more knock knock jokes for you.'
  • 'Pizza', 'Pizza cake would be great right now.'
  • 'Closure', 'Closure mouth when you eat.'
  • 'Harriet', 'Harriet all my lunch, I'm starving.'
  • 'Wooden', 'Wooden you like to know?'
  • 'Punch', 'Not me, please.'
  • 'Gorilla', 'Gorilla me a hamburger.'
  • 'Jupiter', 'Jupiter hurry, or you'll miss the trolley.'
  • 'Bertha', 'Happy Bertha to you!'
  • 'Cows', 'Cows go "moo" not "who.'
  • 'Tuna fish', 'You can tune a piano, but you can't tuna fish.'
  • 'Consumption', 'Consumption be done about all these knock knock jokes?'
  • 'Banana', 'Banana spilt so ice creamed.'
  • 'X', 'X-tremely pleased to meet you.'
  • 'Haydn', 'Haydn seek is fun to play.'
  • 'Rhoda', 'Rhoda boat as fast as you can.'
  • 'Quacker', 'Quacker 'nother bad joke and I'm off!'
  • 'Nana', 'Nana your business.'
  • 'Ether', 'Ether bunny.'
  • 'Little old lady', 'My, you're good at yodelling!'
  • 'Beets', 'Beets me, I forgot the joke.'
  • 'Hal', 'Halloo to you too!'
  • 'Sarah', 'Sarah doctor in the house?'
  • 'Aileen', 'Aileen Dover and fell down.
  • 'Atomic', 'Atomic ache.'
  • 'Agatha', 'Agatha headache. Got an aspirin?'
  • 'Stan', 'Stan back, I'm going to sneeze.'
  • 'Hatch', 'Bless you.'
  • 'Ida', 'It's not Ida who, it's Idaho.'
  • 'Zippy', 'Mrs. Zippy.'
  • 'Yukon', 'Yukon go away and come back another time.'




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