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Lord Lowden Clear
Lord Lowden Clear
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Lord Lowden Clear is the leader and founder of the Toon Resistance, the inventor of the Cog Disguise, and the person who uploads blog posts on the Toontown Rewritten website about the discovery of every Cog Headquarters and many other top secret plans from the Cogs. He is a red dog Toon and always wears a level 50 Robber Baron Cog Disguise.




In Acorn Acres on Janurary 26th, 2004 at about 9:00 A.M., Good ol' Gil Giggles and Lord Lowden Clear discuss the potential threat of Bossbot Headquarters. After deciding that the Toon Council is right about the potential threat of Bossbot Headquarters, Lord Lowden Clear says that Gil cannot go out alone to hunt for the headquarters, and Lowden must stay behind to prepare for Operation: Duck Hunt. After hearing this news, Gil suggests sending Mata Hairy, who Lowden turns down since she is busy dealing with Cashbot Headquarters.
Suddenly, four Toons crash into the Acorn Acres geyser in their golf kart, causing the kart to bust to pieces. Lowden reveals to Gil that he wants these four Toons to be in his team to hunt for Bossbot Headquarters. Gil worries that they won't be prepared enough, but Lowden begs to differ.


  • Lowden Clear is a pun on "loud and clear".
  • "Lord" is a part of Lord Lowden Clear's name, in similar fashion to "Sir" being a part of Sir Max's name.
  • It is unknown what Lord Lowden Clear looks like when he is not wearing his Cog Disguise.
  • As it was announced by Flippy, Lord Lowden Clear will receive his very own office when the Toon Hall gets rebuilt.
  • Even though Lord Lowden Clear has a Robber Baron disguise, he wore a Money Bags disguise in Toontown Online.
  • Lord Lowden Clear led Operation: Storm Sellbot Headquarters by securing a Toon Resistance Outpost at the heart of Sellbot Headquarters.
  • According to Toontown Rewritten on YouTube, the Cogs think that Lowden is a traveling salesman, and is treated like a VIP visitor.[1]





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