Mata Hairy
Mata Hairy
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Mata Hairy is a monkey NPC Toon who helps Toons through the Chief Financial Officer battle.

When entering the CFO battle, she will try to guide Toons to the Cashbot Vault, only to be interrupted by the CFO. She'll enter the vault to get the cranes ready while the Toons battle the Cogs sent in by the CFO. After defeating all the Cogs, the CFO enters the vault noticing that Mata Hairy is operating the crane. She then teaches Toons how the crane works, and that you must use it to defeat the CFO. After defeating the CFO, she will reward Toons with one of the following three Unite! Phrases:

  • Toons of the World, Gag Up!
  • Toons of the World, Toon-Up!
  • Toons of the World, Spend Wisely!




After deciding that the Toon Council is right about the potential threat of Bossbot Headquarters, Lord Lowden Clear says that Good ol' Gil Giggles cannot go out alone to hunt for the headquarters, and Lowden must stay behind to prepare for Operation: Duck Hunt. After hearing this news, Gil suggests sending Mata Hairy, who Lowden turns down since she is busy dealing with Cashbot Headquarters.



  • Mata Hairy was one of the Active NPCs when she, along with Lord Lowden Clear, helped Toons battle the Vice President for the first time by giving out unites.
  • There was a bug that caused Mata Hairy's colors to be different nearly every time you fought the CFO. The bug was fixed on May 10th, 2015.
  • Her name is a pun on Mata Hari, a Frisian exotic dancer and courtesan who was convicted of being a spy and executed by firing squad in France under charges of espionage for Germany during World War I.
  • In Toontown Online, she wore a yellow shirt and some white shorts. In Toontown Rewritten, she now wears the Toon Resistance uniform.


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