Match Minnie
Basic information
Time limit: 10 seconds per round
Number of Toons: 2-4 Toons
Minimum jellybeans: 23 jellybeans
Maximum jellybeans: 35 jellybeans
Match Minnie 1 music
Match Minnie 2 music

Match Minnie is a trolley game that you can play with 2 or more Toons. This game can help develop your accuracy and memorization by showing you different moves to follow up to.


The objective is to follow the dance sequence given by Minnie as fast as possible in the correct order. There are four rounds with a ten second time limit each. Minnie will show more of the dance sequence as the rounds progress. Toons must try to repeat Minnie's dance using the arrow keys. Failing a move will result in the Toon stumbling and losing a round.

The number of moves increases from Round 1 to Round 4:

  • Round 1 - two moves
  • Round 2 - four moves
  • Round 3 - six moves
  • Round 4 - eight moves


Control Action
Arrow keys (← ↑ ↓ →) Dance up, down, left or right

Sound effects

Each arrow key corresponds to its own musical instrument. When an arrow is indicated by Minnie or clicked by the player, the matching sound is heard:

Move Instrument Sound effect
Trolley Match Minnie sfx trumpet
Trolley Match Minnie sfx drums
Trolley Match Minnie sfx piano
Trolley Match Minnie sfx guitar



  • This game became available in Toontown Rewritten on October 31, 2013, on Halloween.[1]
  • This is the only appearance of Minnie Mouse in Toontown Rewritten, discluding the signs in the streets of Minnie's Melodyland.