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  • Greetings! It has been awhile since I would send a message to one's message wall, but we need to discuss Trolley games.

    As shown in my latest edit to the Cog Thief page, I changed up quite a few things. What I want to discuss, however, are the two templates: Trolley and Trolley-bot debug mode.

    • Good news for the Trolley template! There is now an "icon" syntax where you can add the icon image representing the respective Trolley game straight into the template itself rather than within a gallery section.
    • "Meh" news for the Trolley-bot debug mode template. The template is great and all, but I think it's missing something important. An average user, especially new Toontown players, would not understand what in the name of Doctor Surlee this unfamiliar red message on top of the page is saying. It would be ever so grateful if you could implement a way to show indication of where the message came from for our users to look over and read about, similar to how our handy-dandy Quote template works. Perhaps this will guide users through the Template:Trolley-bot debug mode page that you worked hard on, or an ARG page (specifically ARG: Call Log in the case of Trolley games).

    Anyways, I think that's about it. See you soon.

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    • Greetings! Yes, it has been quite a while.

      Thanks for sprucing up the "Trolley" template. Looks nicer with a Trolley Tracks icon.

      I guess it has been a while since that ARG. As much as I like it to look super close to the game and add to the mystery, it would probably be way better with a link to an explanation. Since I'm picky about changes to the template, I was gonna link those people to the "ARG: Call Log" page, but it doesn't explain everything. Not one of my best pages...

      Ya know I could probably add extra functionality to the notification too. I could have two tabs at the top so I could display two different possible messages. I remember the Encyclopedia SpongeBobia (The SpongeBob SquarePants Wiki at the time?) has a bunch of tabs so I could look at their syntax.

      I also found some random coding on the Gravity Falls Wiki that might simplify things too. It should run the result every time it's viewed instead of the current method where it cashes some number from the page view.

      If I combine those two ideas, people should be able to see a new result every time they want to.

      Well, that's the plan, anyway.

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    • Didn't work 100% as planned. Only one random message per page load, unless someone wants to add "?action=purge" to their URL.

      With two tabs, I could have had two different messages, but without the possibility of infinite retries on the message it wasn't worth it. I scrapped the tabs idea.

      I used the Gravity Falls Wiki "Random Quote" template to figure out how to use the <choose> and <option> wikitext.

      Then I used the {{Main}} template to link to "ARG: Call Log".

      I'm sure I either told you or you've seen it, but I wanted to have it in writing here too.

      Super functional! Kinda pretty... Good enough for today.

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  • What program did you use to make that Gif? I'm guesing that you used Panda 3D (As TT's models are from Panda3D plus it says Panda in its name) but what else? Thanks.

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  • Hello! I am Lucky Biscuit. I am a fellow Toontown Rewritten Player. I have a question. I can't go into the phase files or download them so I wanna know if you can help me by sharing some Clothes Files (Both Shirts and Pants, Like Flippy's Outfit, Toon Trooper Outfit, Etc.) through a simple comment on the Message Wall as a PNG. If you can do that then that would be great! Thank you.

    Sincerely, Lucky Biscuit.

    P.S. Can you please draw my toon?

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    • I suppose it's possible, but I've been having trouble finding them in the short time I've searched. (Also, I'm secretly hoping that Loopy's video will inspire people to upload old home videos of Toon Tag to YouTube.) And no problem. It gets easier with practice (although that one seemed a bit tricky).

      I think I added a few nice ingredients that can make the page better, but it still looks a bit ugly. Might need a little more TLC.

      Thanks for spearheading the project, LuckyBiscuitTTR. Without you it probably wouldn't have gotten a page here any time soon. It's one of those things that's nice to have, but not on the top of my our list of priorities to make happen... or at least, not for me.

      I was kinda wondering where you got the pictures you uploaded. Did you take a screenshot of Loopy's YouTube video and get it that way, or did you find them somewhere else on the internet?

      I'm having trouble just finding the pure logo by itself (without taking it from the TTO Wiki, of course).

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    • I just used the Snipping Tool to get the pictures on his video and cropped them. I wonder if the actual logo is out there. The one I got from his video is all white and doesn't look as good as it should.

      And You're welcome. I felt like I just had to upload it since it looked very interesting and it would perhaps teach others about what Toon Tag was. :3

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  • Hello, i was wondering if you could make a profile picture for my Toon plz! basically the same pose from my profile picture, Thanks if you can! :)

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  • Just so you know, TTR started to work for me again.

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  • Greetings once again!

    May I ask why do you feel the need of archiving links that Otaku's bot on the Toontown subreddit intends to create and add them to the wiki? When adding a description for images like 16-11-8_electionday.jpg is not a problem, but imagine how much clutter this would create on a page if you had four wayback machine links that are literally the same thing with a different title, especially if the page is linking to more than one blog post, which would be twice as much, if not way more.

    Long story short, I really think we should try to stay TTR official when it comes to linking sources coming from them, not by some random person in the community who made a bot to add his own name to links. You'll notice by browsing the subreddit that Otaku's bot has not been performing this deed in a long time, so I don't know where you get those links from, but I guess you made it into a habit of yours for some reason. I mean, this is a wiki after all. That's not to say, however, that archiving is a bad thing. :P

    On a positive note, however, where have you been? Seems like the wiki is being quiet once again. Funny thing is, I've actually made some of our pages follow the Manual of Style after realizing their capitalized titles look odd and not so good. There may be an exception for certain pages, but not so sure about that.

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    • Oh, wow. It says it's been 6 days since you suggested we talk in Live!Chat. I think this is a good place for me to respond, and I don't want to flood that (32714) Thread about the concept art with unrelated updates. I had a thing or two I wanted to say there (like about ToonFest), but I haven't had the time for it yet. I've been quite busy lately.

      Too bad we don't have a Private Message on this Wiki, right?

      I know this is short notice, but I'll try to be in chat for a while today--maybe two hours--and hope you join in. After the two hours, I'll have to leave.

      If we can't get into contact today, I might give you another message tomorrow so we can get in Chat then.

      Sorry for not getting into contact again sooner. :P

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    • Glad we could chat the other day.

      I'm not sure where else to link this, but I made a change to the description in this picture. File:Badge-love-5.png

      I may have put too much thought into that. Hehe.

      2016 is almost over now. Happy New Year's Eve! :P

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  • How can I put this...

    You know how I can difficulties playing TTR and I', getting a new PC this Christmas?

    Can you please explained to me what happened with TTR, I've noticed that golf courses became a thing.

    Have a nice day or night!                                                                                                               UrbanPie (profile|talk|blogs|edits) 20:20, November 5, 2016 (UTC)

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    • So basically the return of Piedog would be the return on delays?

      (Oh and I kinda like the new colour theme)

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    • It kinda feels like a huge part of the community is on a delay (partly because I'm one of the people who haven't payed TTR in a while). If you return soon, it'll probably make TTR update some more and make more players join and cause a chain reaction that makes the community super lively and excited.

      As for the new color theme, I kinda like the old orange better. But red is still cool and it's kinda new for us so that's awesome. Red is probably better for us until the novelty wears off, which may be a while.

      I forgot our MainPage had red colors on it. I forget why, maybe something about the new-ish Community tab.

      Good job with the new colors, X Jumper! :)

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  • I've edited their pages to make some new tweaks. Here's the rundown:

    • I decided to rename the very first section header as "Social media" because they don't just have an account on IRC, reddit, or the MMO Forums.
      • The problem is, however, Joey's Twitter revolves around his own life (and sometimes TTR related stuff), which could be invasion of privacy by linking his Twitter here on the wiki. He also has an Instagram that he does not allow anyone to follow, except certain staff members.
      • Roger Dog's Twitter is not much to worry about, but I decided not to link his in the meantime. He also has a Tumblr.
    • I removed the text from inside their top pictures and wrote them in a second paragraph, while also rewriting the first paragraph.
    • I moved Sir Max's quote on top because I didn't like how the picture didn't line up with the text. Even if Doctor Surlee has the same quote as Sir Max, his picture is on a template. That doesn't bother me as much since his picture managed to line up with the text perfectly. This one does.

    On another note, I'm not worrying too much about making a page for Fat McStink, McQuack, and whoever else. Also, Goshi is no longer on the team.

    To be quite honest, I don't necessarily agree with these pages existing. The rest of the TTR team is just as important as they are, even if every single staff member doesn't somewhat contribute to the storyline. That's not to say, however, that they all have the same blue icon, which states that they are all "cast members". Besides, TTR's storyline has been feeling bleh since 2015 because not much has happened (Doctor Surlee doesn't show up on the 26th anymore). We have yet to receive answers of where Slappy, Team LHAAFBBHQ, and Fluffy are located.

    Anyways, what are your thoughts about this whole storyline thing and perhaps the future of TTR? Do you think Toontown has been feeling very boring lately?

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    • Thanks for the heads up.

      I'm not sure Reddit and MCF count as "Social Media". Would changing it back to "Also Known As" work (while keeping those links you added)? Oh and thanks for those extra links btw.

      I kinda like the way Sir Max's quote was right next to his picture before, partially because it kinda made it look like Doctor Surlee's Page... in a good way.

      The wording of the beginning of Sir Max's Page is still weird in this new version. Not quite sure what "who goes by Joey as his real life ego" is supposed to mean. I don't think we want to say he's self-obsessed. Or maybe you mean "ego" as that ancient Greek thing... I remember "id" being one of them, but I can't remember the 3rd word for that.

      Heh, it's been a long time since I liked the Pages' wording anyway, but yeah. I might maybe be making some small edits to those.

      I'm probably not going to be overhauling those Pages, nor making new ones for a while. I really don't have the time for it. October is usually a busy month for me anyway.

      One thing I thought about a while ago though... I'd like the election credits pictures to have their titles under it. Sir Max's and Roger Dog's credits pictures are perfect at the top of their Pages, but that's not true for all the cast members. If I make another Page, there's a chance I could put the credits picture in the Gallery section bellow and add those titles as the caption. I don't know if that explanation makes sense, but it's an interesting design idea.

      TTR's story has been pretty boring lately. I barely consider the new parts of the story to be part of the story. When I think of the story, I think about 2014 (Elections, LBHQ) and 2015 (BBHQ). :P

      I'm almost kinda glad TTR hasn't had a big story lately because I don't have to archive it. I want to see them do new stuff, but I also don't. Odd.

      I like how Riggy Marole's mailbox has a bowtie. It's a nice touch.

      Thanks for taking those new ToonFest pictures. Thanks for being so active. Not everyone around here does that. :)

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    • I got that phrasing for Sir Max's page from this blog post. Maybe I should have written "alter-ego" but oh well. I've had this in mind awhile ago but not too long ago.

      "...the illustrious real life alter-ego for Sir Max and Community Manager, Joey!"

      Sir Max is the Toon from a video game, and Joey is Sir Max's real life alter-ego (aka the human/player who plays the Toon), if that makes any sense to you.

      Reddit and MMO Forums can be considered social media in a way (say, have you heard that TTR shut down their IRC channel?), but we don't usually refer to them as social media. Should we or should we not link to actual social media sites?

      I even have ideas of new pages to create, but with lack of motivation, I probably won't do it. I'm motivated to work here because it's something to do. I continue to play because of friends as well.

      Until we finally get some permanent new content and exciting events hinted since 2014 like Operation: Duck Hunt, there is not much to look forward to in TTR.

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    • Ah yes, "real life alter-ego" makes a whole lot more sense.

      I wasn't sure if the real person could be an alter-ego at first, but the Template on Spider-Man's and Batman's Wikipedia Pages have an "Alter ego" section that says Peter Parker and Bruce Wane respectfully.

      Hmm... I think if it's relevant to TTR, the Toontown community, and/or our TTR Wiki, then we should be able to link to it. There might be a few exceptions like if it's not family friendly enough.

      Joey's personal Instagram probably isn't relevant enough for us. We can't really look at it anyway, so it isn't very helpful to us. :P

      Joey's Twitter is a grey area. Maybe we could link to individual relevant Tweets, but not have a link to the whole Twitter on the Sir Max Page.

      I didn't know TTR shut down their IRC channel. I never had an account there anyway. Wait, the IRC was super useful for ARG stuff. It would stink to not have that around for the next one. ...Maybe they could bring it back a month before they pull another MINGLER MAIL level event?...

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  • Hey there, Dyna. I recently began working on getting rid of the "Narrow Glasses" page since there are now separate pages for individual types of glasses, thanks to TheMcMuffin for helping with that. In this case, we have the Solid Black Narrow Glasses and the White Narrow Glasses.

    While working on deleting the page and editing those two pages respectively, I decided to rename your images to make their file names a bit more clean. It was quite a pain in the neck, however. I decided the first rename I made wasn't really good, so I made another rename. Then I realized I made a typo spelling panorama with an "a" instead of an "o" (not sure if it's because of my mac's autocorrect, but I was in a rush). Since that's just a small typo, I didn't think it'd be that much of a big deal. When renaming these images, I decided to leave redirects if that helps at all, but I think there can only be one redirect.

    And with renaming the images, I edited their descriptions a little bit. Anyways, hopefully all of this isn't too much of a doozy for you. Also, why make these images seem useless upon deleting the "Narrow Glasses" page when I could be adding them to different pages - and that's exactly what I did.

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    • Ah, thanks for letting me know. I didn't know TTR Game them new names. (They used to all be named "Narrow Glasses".) Thanks for sprucing things up.

      I think I may have misspelled panorama in one of those pictures and maybe that's what messed you up. Sorry. :P

      Yeah, a Redirect Page can link to a normal Page, but it can't lead the viewer through 4 different Redirect Pages. At like the 2nd or 3rd one, the Wiki stops the redirect to avoid a Redirect Loop. Multiple Redirect Pages can link to the same Page though.

      Too bad the graphics were kinda buggy for me, even back then. I remember having a gif of glasses spinning in my mailbox, but it might be a while til there's one of those spiny gifs without graphical glitches.

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  • Fellow greetings! I am unsure if there is a PM system around here, and frankly I don't think there is, but I was wondering if there is any open moderator/administrator positions for this Wikia. I'd love to help out!

    Thanks in advance!

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    • Yeah, I don't think we have a Private Message feature around here. Kinda stinks. :P There's something like that in Live! Chat though, if the person you want to talk to happens to be in Chat at the same time.

      We might be able to use some more Toontown Rewritten Wiki Staff around here (and editors in general), but you don't qualify for the moderator nor the administrator positions at the moment. The first one you could qualify for would be rollback (they can revert edits in a single click. useful for reverting mass vandalism).

      Using the bars at the top of the Wiki's Pages, you can find the requirements to be eligible for rollback at

      Community > Rollbacks > Request for rollback

      Looks like the biggest requirements are having made 400 edits to the main namespace, and having a good reputation on the Wiki.

      Thanks for your interest.

      I think we could really use more good editors around here, whether or not they get extra admin buttons.

      By the way, thanks for contributing to our Wiki, ToontasticChristopher! :) Have a nice day.

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    • No worries, have a nice day to you as well!

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