Not to be confused with Polar Bear, a permanent white color that is only for bears.

A cat with the "No Color" effect.

No Color is a temporary cheesy effect that makes a Toon turn white. Accessories do not turn white, but some clothing do. A Toon can retrieve this effect by completing "Just for Fun!" ToonTasks. This works in all playgrounds except for Toontown Central.


  • There is a similar cheesy effect called "Polar Toon", which can be retrieved by simply visiting Paula Behr. The only difference is that "Polar Toon" makes a Toon turn big.
  • Both "No Color" and "Polar Toon" affect Squirting Flowers, Storm Clouds, Geysers, Presentations, a few select Trap gags, and Drop gags. They both change the color of the button that is pressed when using said gags.
  • Snowcat is the only known NPC who is most likely under the influence of this cheesy effect. Because of her white color, she is referred to as a "Snowtoon".

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