Party Planner

Party Planner Toons are the NPCs that allow Toons to organize a party.

Each playground with a Party Gate have two Party Planner Toons in front of the gate, having one on each side. The NPCs share nearly everything in common per playground. The matching pair typically share the similar characteristics, but have a couple different factors from the other. For example, one may be a girl and the other a boy. Sometimes they differ in arm colors, or in height.

Playground Examples

Toontown Central

Donald's Dock

Daisy Gardens

Minnie's Melodyland

The Brrrgh

Donald's Dreamland


  • The pair of Party Planners are always the same Toon species
    • The species are all different per playground. No playground shares the same species
  • Every name starts with the letter "P"
  • It is probable that the pair are related one way or another
  • The color of the planner corresponds to the theme of the playground
  • In cases where the pair are different genders, the girl is always on the left
    • Donald's Dock is the only example where there isn't two genders of planners.