Photo fun
Photo Fun
Basic information
Time limit: 115 seconds
Number of Toons: 1-4 Toons
Cannon Tug-of-War Ring Photo Fun soundtrack

Photo Fun is a trolley game. This game can be played by any number of Toons.


The objective is to take the best photo of the depicted Toon. A panel at the bottom shows the desired Toon doing the motion required for the photo. This includes the desired Toon walking, jumping, or performing animations.


Other Toons playing the game compete with eachother to take the best photos, varying from 1 star images to 5 star images. The best photo taken is then is displayed at the bottom of the screen. A camera in the bottom right hand corner shows the best taken image, current score, and best score.


Control Action
Move camera \ Arrow keys (← ↑ ↓ →) or Mouse cursor
Zoom in or out Ctrl
Take photo Left mouse button



  • Photo Fun, along with Trolley Tracks, was removed in Toontown Online. Photo Fun was removed in February 17, 2011 because of crashes on most Mac computers, on ToonTown Rewritten it can crash Windows computers. (Tested only with Windows Seven.)
  • Photo Fun was released on November 16, 2013 on Toontown Rewritten.[1]



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