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Not to be confused with Polar Bear, a white color effect only for bears given on Christmas.
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Polar Toon is a temporary Toon effect that makes the Toon turn big and white. Accessories do not turn white, but some clothing do. This effect can only work in The Brrrgh and only lasts up to an hour. 

How to get Polar Toon

In order to get Polar Toon, you must: 

  1. Go to The Brrrgh.
  2. Go to a building called Hibernation Vacations in the street Polar Place.
  3. Say "Howdy!" to Paula Behr.
  4. After saying "Howdy!" to Paula Behr, your Toon will then turn big and white.

No Color

There is another similar effect like this called No Color, which is also a temporary Toon effect. This can be earned by completing Just for Fun! ToonTasks while Polar Toon can be earned by saying "Howdy!" to Paula Behr in Hibernation Vacations. The only difference between these two toon effects is Polar Toon makes you turn big and does not affect your clothes whereas No Color does not make you turn big and does affect your clothes.


  • No Color and Polar Toon affects Drop gags. It changes the color of the button that is pressed when using Drop.
  • Polar Toon is another toon effect that makes your Toon turn big; the other toon effect is Big Toon.

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