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Pride and Playtimes is a play on words based on Pride and Prejustice, a novel first published in 1813.

Pride and Playtimes was written by Fat McStink to be "The story of a Toon who comes across not only 500 additional keys, but as well as the mighty struggle of -- not double, not triple -- but QUADRUPLE Access Weekend with double the slots and double the time!"

Quadruple Access Weekend...? Wiki News Blogs (2014) 8.?? - Wiki Release Notes(2014) 8.?? (Official News item 182) (archive - doesn't have all the comments yet) (MCF News) Posted by Fat McStink on August 6, 2014 02:00 PM

Sir Max then completely rewrote the script to sneak more Toons into Toontown under the false pretense that all those Toons being actors in the play. Fat McStink's original script also didn't include the scene where Sir Max comes in and becomes the hero of Toontown.

The Art of Acting Wiki News Blogs (2014) 8.?? - Wiki Release Notes(2014) 8.?? (Official News item 183) (archive - doesn't have all the comments yet) (MCF News) Posted by Sir Max on August 10, 2014 02:00 PM

Pride and Playtimes Script


14-8-6 therescertainlypride

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single Toon in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a key. However, little known the feelings or views of a such a Toon on the subject of the PlayLine, which is considered to be the rightful play time for the majority of Toons...

This subject is from the news section on the Toontown Rewritten website under the news "Quadruple Access Weekend"


  • May not be as much as of a hit as Fat McStink's previous play, Doglet, Prince of Dogmark[1] (or even the rewrite titled Maxlet[2]).


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