A Toon becomes "sad" when they lose all of their laff points in a Cog battle. Upon losing a battle, the Toon will have their gags taken away by the Cogs and is sent back to the nearest playground. You will lose level 7 gags, too. Sad Toons cannot leave the playground, which means that they cannot go to the streets, go to other playgrounds, go to their own estate, or even hop onto the trolley until they have gained at least one laff point.


The sound of a Toon going sad


  • Slappy was the first NPC Toon to become sad and the first one who became sad to a Yesman and by Positive Reinforcement.
  • Although Slappy was the first NPC Toon to become sad, any staff member could use a specific in-game command to make their Toon go sad.
    • This technically means that Slappy wasn't the first Toon to be saddened, although no one saw as staff members made themselves go sad prior to Slappy going sad.
  • Sad Toons cannot jump and walk slower than normal Toons.
    • However, in Toontown Online, sad Toons could jump slightly off the ground, which may have been caused by a bug.
  • Sad Toons can be easily identified for their heads dropping downwards.
  • In the trolley game called Toon Slingshot, a Toon becomes sad and its respective sound effect starts to play when a Toon does not land on a target.
  • In Donald's Dock, a sad Toon can swim at a normal running speed when making contact with the water, as if they never went sad.
  • Sad Toons do not lose their gags in the following ways:
  • There is a glitch that sometimes occurs where a Toon can remain sad at a Cog headquarters, then quits the game. When logging back onto the game, the Toon stays in the respective headquarters and can battle Cogs as normal, except that the laff meter will show -1 laff points.
  • Sad Toons cannot collect treasure in a playground until they receive at least one laff point.
  • When multiple Toons are actively in a battle, the Cogs will not perform a "taunt" that is shown in the gallery below, as the Cogs are reset to the default standing pose. However, this rule is overridden when all Toons in the battle go sad, in which the animation will play from all Cogs like normal.


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