Sellbot Headquarters
Basic information
Type: Sellbots
Location: Oak Street, Daisy Gardens
Area information
Minimum level: 4
Maximum level: 6
Special cogs: Goons
Data is by normal gameplay.
Facility information
Facilities: Sellbot Factory
Minimum level: 3
Maximum level: 9
Facility boss: Factory Foreman
Boss information
Facilities: Sellbot Towers
Minimum level: 1
Maximum level: 12
Boss: Vice President
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Portable Hole Network Bypass

Sellbot Headquarters (also known as Sellbot HQ, and commonly abbreviated as SBHQ) is the Sellbots' base of operation; it is located at the peninsula of Oak Street in Daisy Gardens. It is a desolate ruin of pollution and corruption. Sellbot Headquarters is home to the Sellbot Towers and the Sellbot Factory. On top of one of the Sellbot Towers, the Sellbot Marketing Tower, is where Toons may find the Sellbot Cog boss, the Vice President.

Toons will encounter the headquarters upon reaching ToonTasks in Daisy Gardens and will often be directed to complete objectives in the headquarters.


The courtyard is the main location in Sellbot HQ. It is a dark and ugly wasteland, with grey hills tainted with pollution as far as the eye can see. Surrounding the main area are strange, metallic structures, some in irrepairable states of ruin. Small pools of oil can be seen scattered around the courtyard, where Cogs roam free, ready to catch a Toon off-guard. Excluding certain cog invasions, cogs in this area range from levels 4 to 6, the lowest level of any roaming Cogs within a HQ Courtyard. In the middle of the courtyard is "the pit", in which Toons can stand in order to be safe from the Cogs. "The pit" can also be thought of as a "gathering place" for Toons who are preparing to take on the Vice President or the Factory Foreman. North of the pit, and the main entrance to Sellbot HQ are the Sellbot Towers, where Toons may fight the V.P. and obtain promotions for their Cog Disguises. East of the pit, lays the Sellbot Factory, where Toons can earn Sellbot Cog Suit parts and merits.

Sellbot Factory

Main article: Sellbot Factory

The Sellbot Factory, unlike other Cog HQ facilities, has it's own sector within Sellbot HQ. It is a large, grey-silver structure with numerous pipes protruding from the outer walls connecting to who knows where. Cogs roam the outside of the Factory, and are the same level as the ones roaming the Courtyard. This is where many Sellbots are created and where stolen gags are stored. In this location you can earn your Sellbot Cog Suit. It also is one of the handiest place to grind for merits. The Sellbot Factory can be accessed trough two entrances: The Front Entrance, which any Toon can enter and the Side Entrance which only Toons with 31 laff points and above may use. You will go through many levels here, encountering goons and Skelecogs along the way. The boss of the factory is the Factory Foreman, a level 9 Skelecog.

Sellbot Towers

Main article: Sellbot Towers

The Sellbot Towers are the skycrapers found in the courtyard of Sellbot HQ. One of them, the Sellbot Marketing Tower, serves as the domain for the Vice President. To enter, you must complete your Sellbot Cog Suit by defeating the Factory Foreman a total of ten times. Once inside, you can see that it is a large room with two large green lights. The giant elevator at the end can allow up to 8 Toons inside at once. You must have a certain amount of merits to fight the V.P, the amount of merits depending on your sellbot suit. Once everyone has gone up, you will see the V.P. there, congratulating Cogs on their promotions. There will be a Toon hanging in a cage and will give you away. The V.P. will remove your disguises and begin attacking. You must fight waves of Cogs and Skelecogs before the boss battle which will include at least 1 Hollywood. Once completed, you will save a Toon and get an SOS card, as well as a level-up promotion of your Cog Disguise as a reward.


During some ToonTasks from Daisy Gardens (particularly the ones from Aunt Hill in Ant Farming Supplies on Oak Street), some Memos from the Cogs reveal a few details about Sellbot HQ.

Attn Sellbots:
I'll be in my office at the top of Sellbot Towers promoting Cogs to higher levels.
When you earn enough merits enter the elevator in the lobby to see me.
Break time's over - back to work!
―Signed, Sellbot V.P.
Attn Sellbots:
Sellbot Towers has installed a new security system to keep all Toons out.
Toons caught in Sellbot Towers will be detained for questioning.
Please meet in the lobby for appetizers to discuss.
―Signed, Mingler
Attn Sellbots:
Toons have somehow found a way to infiltrate Sellbot Towers.
I'll call you tonight during dinner to give you the details.
―Signed, Telemarketer
Attn Sellbots:
I was having lunch with Mr. Hollywood yesterday.
He reports that the V.P. is very busy these days.
He will only be taking appointments from Cogs that deserve a promotion.
Forgot to mention, Gladhander is golfing with me on Sunday.
―Signed, Name Dropper


  • Sellbot Headquarters was found by Lord Lowden Clear with the help of Doctor Surlee
  • The Sellbot cog suit is the only suit that does not require ToonTasks to complete, as 1 part is earned for each Factory completed.
  • In the old days of Toontown Online, Sellbot HQ was much harder. The Factory had higher level cogs, and a suit part was lost if a Toon went sad in a V.P. battle. When the later HQs were released, the difficulty of Sellbot HQ was toned down, making it more suitable for Toons in Daisy Gardens, who would be forced into the HQ to defeat Cogs to complete a Sellbot Factory.
  • Sellbot Headquarters has the least amount of facilities of all the Cog HQs. It only has two, the Sellbot Factory and Sellbot Towers. In comparison, Cashbot HQ and Bossbot HQ currently have 4, and Lawbot HQ has 5.
    • It also has the lowest level Cogs out of all other Cog HQs. The highest roaming Cog in Sellbot HQ is level 6, while the levels in the other HQs span from 7 to 9, in the case of Cashbot HQ, and 8 to 10 for both Lawbot HQ and Bossbot HQ. The Foreman is also the lowest Facility boss, as he is only level 9, while the Bossbot Golf Courses have the Club President at Level 11, and the Cashbot Mint and the Lawbot DAs Office have the Mint Supervisor and the District Attorney's Clerk, respectively, at Level 12. 
  • Unlike other cog facilities, the Sellbot Factory is the only facility to include all it's cogs on it's corporate ladder.
  • The Sellbot Factory is the only facility to have one entrance connected to its other entrance.
  • The crater in the courtyard is probably from many VPs falling off. This also might be a reason why cogs don't patrol the crater in fear of being crushed. However, you don't get crushed standing in the crater from VPs falling, nor do they actually fall.


(39, -37)

"You should choose a different Cog."

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