Sellbot Towers from the outside

Sellbot Towers is where the Vice President is located. On the top of the highest tower, the Sellbot Marketing Tower, Toons and Cogs alike will be able to stare down dark clouds that fill the background in a dull, gray mechanical wasteland. It is located within Sellbot Headquarters.


The outside of the towers are large stone buildings which resemble a bar graph, which also serves as the Sellbot logo. The toon will enter if they have their completed Cog Suits. Inside, Toons will find a large staircase to a base floor. Looking up from here, you will see two large green lights on large pillars with a staircase in between them, leading to a large elevator. The elevator can hold up to 8 Toons, which if gone up leads to the Vice President battle. Along the walls and ceiling there is metal truss, supporting the building and stairs. The inside seems to bear no shape or resemblance to the outside.


During some ToonTasks from Daisy Gardens (Particularly the ones from Aunt Hill from Ant Farming Supplies on Oak Street), some Memos from the Cogs reveal a few details about Sellbot HQ.

Attn Sellbots:
I'll be in my office at the top of Sellbot Towers promoting Cogs to higher levels.
When you earn enough merits enter the elevator in the lobby to see me.
Break time's over - back to work!
―Signed, Sellbot V.P.
Attn Sellbots:
Sellbot Towers has installed a new security system to keep all Toons out.
Toons caught in Sellbot Towers will be detained for questioning.
Please meet in the lobby for appetizers to discuss.
―Signed, Mingler
Attn Sellbots:
Toons have somehow found a way to infiltrate Sellbot Towers.
I'll call you tonight during dinner to give you the details.
―Signed, Telemarketer
Attn Sellbots:
I was having lunch with Mr. Hollywood yesterday.
He reports that the V.P. is very busy these days.
He will only be taking appointments from Cogs that deserve a promotion.
Forgot to mention, Gladhander is golfing with me on Sunday.
―Signed, Name Dropper


  • In 2015, there was an event called Storm Sellbot, which allowed toons to go and freely to fight the Vice President. The battle was significantly easier. There were also new ToonTasks where toons could get merits, SOS Cards, double experience and clothing items.
    • Additionally, when Sellbot HQ was first released in Toontown Online, a similar event where staff would take toons through battles would occur.


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