In celebration of Toontown's 11th Anniversary, Toontown Rewritten has just moved into a Semi-Open Beta to give everyone the chance to play.
―The TTR Team

Semi-Open Beta was the next stage after Closed Beta and before Open Beta in Toontown Rewritten's timeline which allows anyone without Testing Keys to play the game. It was announced and began on June 2nd, 2014[1], to celebrate the 11th anniversary of the now closed Toontown Online. This introduced a new system in which those without Beta Keys could either enter the PlayLine and wait for an available spot to access the game, or use the PlayTime feature to schedule a time to play. They can play for up to six hours per session, this previously being three hours, though if they had a Beta Key, they are able to play indefinitely.


There was some controversy surrounding the Semi-Open Beta system. In its first day, many people reported that they were not able to log on to the servers, which meant that they could not play during their scheduled PlayTime slots. People also reported very high ETA times and complained about this, as it meant that they had to keep their computers on for long periods of time, and even then their times did not remain constant. This was due to a combination of server errors and an error with the launcher which has now been addressed[2]. At first, a Toon had to wait approximately 70-100 hours to enter Toontown Rewritten. In a later Blog Post, Sir Max said[3] the average PlayLine wait time was around 3 hours.


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