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Silly Meter

The Silly Meter is a machine that is planned to be located in Toon Hall at Toontown Central. It tracks the silly levels of Toontown using Phunny Fluid. It was invented by Doctor Surlee from Loony Labs with a redesign. The Silly Meter made its first in-game appearance as a prototype at the Pet Shops during April Toons Week.

The Silly Meter has been the subject of much speculation in the Toontown community and its blueprint was hidden on the Toontown Rewritten website as part of an ARG.

During updates in Toontown Online, the Silly Meter was used to animate fire hydrants, mailboxes, and trash cans on the streets. After Disney announced Toontown Online's closure, Goofy accidentally tripped the Slaphappy Safety Valve and the Silly Meter turned everything to Halloween, including Christmas and April Toons Week.


  • The Silly Meter may be what allowed Doctor Surlee to travel back in time and start Toontown Rewritten in order to "undo mistakes but not fate".


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