If he knew what he was being erased for, would he think it is worth it?
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Slappy Quackintosh is a duck NPC Toon. He beat Flippy in the Toon Council Presidential Elections, but was captured by a Yesman.


Slappy hosted special events to turn bears into Polar Bears and to keep Toons silly by hosting The Great Snowball Fight during Christmas. In 2013 of Christmas, he stood on the left side of Toon Hall in Toontown Central. Currently both Flippy and Doctor Surlee have taken over his place to continue making Christmas just as great as Slappy would have done.

Slappy was also a candidate for Toon Council president which he later became, until a Yesman had made him go sad. Like his rival Flippy, he has hosted events in order to promote his campaign for the Toon Council Presidential Elections. During this time, he was located on his hot air balloon. As it was revealed by him in a blog post, Slappy moved to Toontown from Duckburg.


  • Slappy occasionally promoted his campaign with special events and occasions, usually located in Toontown Central.
  • On December 24, 2013, Slappy hosted a special event that turned bears into Polar Bears, thus marking Slappy's first appearance in Toontown Rewritten and his debut.
  • On December 27, 2013, Slappy hosted The Great Snowball Fight to keep Toons silly during the blizzard dilemma caused by Lil Oldman.
  • On February 17, 2014, Flippy and Slappy began campaigning in Toontown Central for the Toon Council Presidential Elections.
  • On April 19, 2014, Slappy won the Toon Council Presidential Elections by many votes. However, a Yesman interrupted the election and made Slappy go sad. No Toon knows where he is and it is unknown if he will return to continue to be the Toon Council president.

Campaigns and Presidency

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Slappy's campaigns for the Toon Council Presidential Election were Unite! Phrases, hot air balloon rides, and Green Toon transformations. He offered all Toons gag-up and jellybeans unites, a ride on his hot air balloon, and let Toons turn green for St. Patrick's Day.

Slappy won the election against Flippy by many votes, but a Yesman interrupted the election and made Slappy go sad by Positive Reinforcement. Flippy defeated the Yesman, thus starting the finale of the election, Doomsday. Other Cogs, including the Director of Ambush Marketing, flew down and attacked Toontown Central. At the end, Flippy threw a Whole Cream Pie, a Birthday Cake, and then Wedding Cake at the Director and defeated him. Alec Tinn and Doctor Surlee then claimed Flippy to be a hero and the new President of Toontown because Slappy is currently missing. Flippy accepted presidency, but only until the Cogs are out of Toontown.


It is unknown for sure where Slappy ended up after he went sad, however a memo on MINGLERMAIL may imply that Slappy is being held hostage by the Chief Executive Officer in the unexplored Executive Office Tower at Bossbot Headquarters. The memo was sent to The Big Cheese by The Chairman and Slappy was referred to as "The Duck". The message also implies that the Cogs have been demanding information on the Toons and their plans.




  • Slappy's debut was revealed on December 24, 2013.[1]
  • Before Slappy's character was officially made, his name was "Floppy" as a refinance to Flippy.
  • Slappy has been an inhabitant of Toontown for a few years. He has lived in the Colorful Canvas district just on the outskirts of Donald's Dreamland.[2]
  • Slappy's catchphrase is "Don't be wacky - Vote for Slappy!".
  • Slappy was the very first Toon to reach the most laff points with a total of 42. Flippy, on the other hand, had 38 laff points.
  • During the timespan of the Toon Council Presidential Elections, Slappy himself as a real player could not friend other Toons due to some form of "election policy" that was established.
  • Slappy's clothes were custom-made by Slate Blue Rabbit, one of the main texture makers for Toontown Rewritten, as confirmed on one of her livestreams.[3]
  • Slappy was the first Toon to run a rideable hot air balloon. This wouldn't happen again until ToonFest.
  • Slappy is the first Toon ever in Toontown Rewritten to go sad by a Cog.
  • It is unknown where Slappy is located after he was captured by the Cogs.
  • If you look closely at Slappy's hot air balloon, you can see Flippy's toy airplane, which he accidentally crashed into the hot air balloon.
  • Slappy used to live in Duckburg before he moved to Toontown. Coincidentally, Duckburg is the city where all the main characters in the Disney Channel show, DuckTales, lived.
  • Slappy's last name, Quackintosh, is a combination of "quack" and the name "Macintosh".
  • Slappy still remains member of the Toon Council, even with his capture, as he was still elected as president on the day of his fate.
  • Alpha testers can receive a special version of Slappy's shirt known for "Doomsday survivors" by redeeming the code "dont-be-wacky" in the Shticker Book.
  • According to Sir Max, Slappy is considered "the rightful ruler of Toontown", indicating the fact that he won presidency, and mentions how the Cogs took away the rightful ruler.

Originally Posted by joey19982 (Sir Max) on 04-26-2014
Slappy won the election in TTO as well. By voting for Slappy people thought they would change the future of Toontown, however they chose the exact same path that the toons before them chose. You changed the wrong variables. If Flippy had won, though... The outcome may not have been much, much worse.
There is a reason that Paula Bear is the only known Polar Bear in TTO.




Trading card

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Series 4
There's no one wackier than Slappy Quackintosh, the presidential candidate and winner of the Toon Council Presidential Election! For three years straight, he earned the 500 jellybean grand prize in the annual Toontown jellybean eating contest -- which he then proceeded to eat as well. Strangely enough, his winning streak was lost simply by not showing up for the fourth year...
  • Balloons
  • Sugared cereal
  • Positive reinforcement

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