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As most of you know: I'm Slappy! Not Slap-happy, Sloppy, or Slappie -- but Slappy.

Slappy Quackintosh is a duck NPC Toon. He beat Flippy in the Toon Council Presidential Elections, but was captured by a Yesman.



It would be nice for me to introduce myself for you to know me, so here is an introduction: I'm Slappy! I've lived in Toontown for a few years now, living in the Colorful Canvas district just past the outskirts of Donald's Dreamland.

Slappy originally lived in Duckburg before he moved to Toontown. Despite living in Toontown for many years, Toons had never really heard of Slappy until he made his debut in December 24, 2013 on Christmas where he announced that he was running in the Toon Council Presidential Elections with his rival candidate, Flippy. On that day, Slappy offered a special opportunity for Toons to become Polar Bears, and even started a yearly tradition of The Great Snowball Fight.

The Toon Council Presidential Elections

I'll tell you why I'm here: Publicity! Lots and lots of publicity. Why do I need this publicity? Aside from fame, fortune and glory- I'm needing some publicity for the Election.
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A few months after the Polar Bears and the snowball fight, Slappy offered several unites for jellybeans and gags, a ride on his very own hot air balloon, and allowed Toons to gain a special green color for the first time on St. Patrick's Day, thanks to the mysterious green goo that ended up in his jellybean stand.

As the campaigns from both candidates went underway, Flippy grew a sense of jealously upon learning that Slappy's wacky personality had led to him gaining even more laff points. Slappy was fully unaware of Flippy's complaints about his campaigns being "hurtful" and the 42 total laff he had, which was the highest laff that a Toon could have during Toontown's early years.

Because Slappy had more campaigns than Flippy, he ultimately won the elections against Flippy by many votes, and became the true president of the Toon Council. Unfortunately, however, things did not end up so well for Slappy when one particular Cog made an unexpected encounter.

The rightful ruler

Slappy won the vote by just a few hundred more than Flippy, but just as the celebration begun, something unexpected happened. A robot flew down from the sky, dressed in a fancy suit with a big smile. A Yesman. Slappy didn't know what was happening -- no one did -- and he went sad in Toontown Central. We haven't seen him since.
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Slappy's fate at the Toon Council Presidential Elections made Toons question where the Cogs had taken him. Not one Toon knows for sure where he truly is, but it is known that the hunt for Slappy began ever since his disappearance. The first official meeting conducted by the Toon Council led to Flippy, Doctor Surlee, and Lord Lowden Clear going by their separate ways in working together to search for Slappy. Thanks to the fearless leader of the Toon Resistance, an upcoming event will soon make its way for this very mission to succeed, as the Cogs cannot take over Slappy's role as the rightful ruler of Toontown.


Slappy hosted two special Christmas events that introduced Polar Bears and a snowball fight. Because of his absence, however, he had been unable to return to host these events yearly. Doctor Surlee and Flippy would later take over the responsibility of continuing said events in honor of Slappy.


  • Before Slappy's character was officially made, his name was "Floppy" as a refinance to Flippy.
  • Slappy's catchphrase is "Don't be wacky - Vote for Slappy!".
  • During the timespan of the Toon Council Presidential Elections, Slappy himself as a real player could not friend other Toons due to some form of "election policy" that was established.
  • Slappy is the first Toon of many things in that he:
    • reached the most laff points possible with a total of 42. Flippy, on the other hand, had 38 laff points.
    • gained brand new clothes created by a Toontown Rewritten staff member named Slate Blue Rabbit, as confirmed in one of her livestreams.[1]
    • owned a hot air balloon created by another staff member named June. In terms of lore, Doctor Surlee used a portability design to boost up Slappy's balloon toys twice their size.
    • became sadden by a Cog.
  • It is unknown where Slappy is located after he was captured by the Cogs.
  • Slappy used to live in Duckburg before he moved to Toontown. Coincidentally, Duckburg is the city where all the main characters in the Disney Channel show, DuckTales, lived.
  • Slappy's last name, Quackintosh, is a combination of "quack" and the name "Macintosh".
  • Even with his fate, Slappy is still considered part of the Toon Council.
  • Alpha testers can receive a special version of Slappy's shirt known for "Doomsday survivors" by redeeming the code "dont-be-wacky" in the Shticker Book.
  • According to Sir Max, Slappy is considered "the rightful ruler of Toontown", indicating the fact that he won presidency, and mentions how the Cogs took away the rightful ruler.

Originally Posted by joey19982 (Sir Max) on 04-26-2014
Slappy won the election in TTO as well. By voting for Slappy people thought they would change the future of Toontown, however they chose the exact same path that the toons before them chose. You changed the wrong variables. If Flippy had won, though... The outcome may not have been much, much worse.
There is a reason that Paula Bear is the only known Polar Bear in TTO.


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There's no one wackier than Slappy Quackintosh, the presidential candidate and winner of the Toon Council Presidential Election! For three years straight, he earned the 500 jellybean grand prize in the annual Toontown jellybean eating contest -- which he then proceeded to eat as well. Strangely enough, his winning streak was lost simply by not showing up for the fourth year...
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