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This hot air balloon belongs to Slappy, which was created for one of his campaigns in the Toon Council Presidential Elections. Toons could take a quick stroll through Toontown Central by riding the balloon. The hot air balloon represents Slappy's color and his signature clothes. At one point, Flippy's toy airplane had an accident and sat on top of the balloon ever since.

Balloon ride

Below are various dialogues said by Slappy when communicating with a Toon riding his balloon.

Slappy (2/25/14):

  • Hello! I assume you want a ride?
  • Good! It would be kind of weird if you didn't.
  • I take it you're a balloon fanatic like myself, eh?
  • No? Oh. I don't see how you can't be.
  • Just look at this thing. It's a 500 pound bag floating in the sky!
  • If that isn't amazing, I don't know what is.
  • Small balloons, too. You know, I've always wanted to be a balloon salesman.
  • I'd get my own little cart and everything!
  • They soar through the skies, going beyond what we know.
  • Maybe even into another world. Who knows what they'd see on the outskirts on Toontown?
  • I've always wondered what kind of mysteries lie out there. The balloons know.
  • D'awh, here already. I was just about to get into the history of balloons. Come back any time!

Slappy (2/27/14):

  • You know, some may consider it rude to jump into someone else's balloon without permission.
  • In fact, I'm going to have to ask you to step out now.
  • Yah, just right off the side there. It's not too high up yet.
  • I'm joking! I'm joking. Don't jump out, the ride is free.
  • Can you see your house from up here?
  • I can't. This cardboard hill is in the way.
  • I've always wondered why they put those up. Why not enjoy the scenery?
  • Not to mention the jellybeans they could have saved by not buying paint.
  • It seems counterproductive to me. Those are defiantly getting torn down.
  • That is, if I get elected. Hey, are you voting for me?
  • Nonono, don't tell me. I want to be surprised. Remember this free balloon ride at the polls, though!

Slappy (2/28/14):

  • Off we goooo!
  • In case you didn't get it back there, that was a pun.
  • "Up" for a ride. Get it?
  • Haha! I quack myself up.
  • That was another pun!
  • Do you know any good puns? I'm full of them.
  • That wasn't a pun, though. I should have had one there. It was fitting.
  • Oh man, we're almost back already?
  • Well, at least we had a WHALE of a time!
  • Err- no. Wrong pun. That one didn't make sense.
  • I'll CATACHA later! Get it, because of the whale pun? It makes sense now. I planned that.

Slappy (3/1/14):

  • I was wondering when you would come by for a ride.
  • How are things going? Having fun with this election excitement?
  • I know I certainly am. I've been on hundreds of these balloon rides, and they never get old.
  • You get used to the air sickness after a while.
  • Woah, look over there! You can see some of the grey!
  • The grey is just one of those many things in Toontown that bewilders me.
  • An undrawn area, just waiting for color. Can you imagine the creativity?
  • It's an unexplored blank canvas of imagination.
  • You know what? You and I -- after this election, we're going to go out there.
  • You and I will figure out the secrets of the grey, unleash the creativity it holds. I promise you on that.
  • We'll find out what it is, for not only Toontown, but for the whole Tooniverse. Make sure you hold me up to it!


  • This was the only time where Slappy would constantly speak as an NPC.
  • Slappy's second campaign for the election was to gain his very own hot air balloon, which makes him the very first Toon to own a hot air balloon.
  • Doctor Surlee used one of Slappy's old hot air balloon balloon toys to bump up 10 times their normal size by using a portable design method in order to create one big hot air balloon.[1]
  • Slappy occasionally revealed some duties he would conduct if he was elected as president while speaking to the Toon riding the balloon. Since he was captured by the Cogs, it is unknown if any of these things will happen.
  • The hot air balloon had two easter eggs, which involves Flippy's toy airplane. The first being the minesweeper that is in the cockpit on the right. The other being a text that says "Flippy 98" but Slappy crossed out Flippy and replaced the text with "Slappy 98". 
  • There was a glitch that allowed more than one Toon to ride on the balloon, but the glitch attempter would only manage to stay if they continued running in the same direction as the balloon.
  • During the election, the hot air balloon somehow floated in the sky without a patroller. After a Yesman saddened Slappy, the balloon drifted away and was nowhere to be seen.