Small Toon is a temporary Toon effect, which can be recieved by doing Just for Fun! ToonTasks. The effect of this makes the entire Toon's body turn small. Clothes, accessories, and gloves, will be turned miniature too. However, speed, and jumping height is the same as a normal Toon. 


Depending on the Toontasks the toon is working on, the time will vary for how long the effect will last. The time will increase as the toon progresses. 

You can also add more days or minutes to the exisisting one if you do another small ToonTask and finish it. 


  • Small toons look the same as when they are shrunk in the "Downsize" attack.
  • You may visit Hibernation Vacations in The Brrrgh and use the speed chat phrase Howdy! to remove any toon effect.
  • Completing a toon task that offers a different toon effect will replace your current one. 
  • It's much harder to get a toon-up in the pie round during the VP