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Squirting Flower battle
Squirting Flower
Squirting Flower Icon
Basic information
Track: Squirt
Level: 1
Accuracy: High
Base accuracy: 95
Affects: One Cog
Minimum damage: 3
Maximum damage: 4
Organic boost: 4-5
Carry capacity
Minimum: 10
Maximum: 30
Preceded by:


Succeeded by:
Glass of Water

Glass of Water

Skill points gained:


Skill points needed:


Sound files
AA squirt flowersquirt
AA squirt flowersquirt miss

Squirting Flower is the level one Squirt gag. Once a Toon earns 10 Squirt skill points, he/she will gain the Glass of Water. This gag is also a starter gag with the Cupcake.


  • The Squirting Flower is the weakest gag, along with the Bike Horn. This can be disputed because the Bike Horn can deal damage to more than one Cog, unlike the Squirting Flower, however not dealing knockback, but still being generally more powerful anyway.
  • Toons obtain one of these gags in the Toon-torial along with a Cupcake as the starter gags.
  • This gag shares the same name as the Daisy Gardens toon building, "The Squirting Flower".
  • During Christmas time, Squirting Flowers are red with green leaves.