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On the 26th of the month, many strange things happen in Toontown. During this time, encrypted blog posts are released on the Toontown Rewritten website. Most of these updates revolve around Doctor Surlee, as well as the Cogs. The updates reveal a darker, "optional" part of the storyline, and can also include in-game events and hidden blueprints.

Cryptic messages have been left behind by "The Two" Toons (who may or may not exist). When making blog posts, The Two are credited as "???". The Two seem to know a lot about ripple effects, Doctor Surlee's experiments, and the flow of time.


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The Toontown Rewritten Wiki has a toontastic collection of images and media related to The 26th. Feel free to check it out!

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Originally Posted by joey19982 on 04-27-2014
user title="A Ripple, an Anomaly, 26"
Slappy had 42 laff, which was significantly high for the era. Flippy's laff is 37.
As for my user title, I can tell you that all three are one in the same.

Originally Posted by joey19982 on 06-27-2014
Do they really think that it stops here?
I can't imagine why they would.
It's a shame they haven't even mentioned us yet.
I wouldn't mention you either if I didn't know your name.
Fair point. What about the Gyro fellow, though?
Oh, so Gyro!
No, Surlee.
He did make the Portable Hole, after all.
So did he.
If only they knew the key.
The locations were only a piece to the puzzle - the puzzle itself remains unsolved. There are many important things you are missing.

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