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The Big Cheese
Basic information
Type: Bossbot
Lowest level: 8
Highest level: 12
Preceded by:

Corporate Raider

Succeeded by:
Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer

You can call me Jack.

–The Big Cheese

The Big Cheese is the eighth Cog on the Bossbot corporate ladder. It is a building-only cog (unless there is a Cog Invasion), and can be found extensively in the facilities of Bossbot Headquarters. It can range in level from eight to twelve.


Battle Starting Phrases

  • "I'm going to make Mozzarella outta ya."
  • "I've been told I'm very strong."
  • "You can call me Jack."
  • "I'm going to cream you!"
  • "Careful, I know your expiration date."
  • "Ending you will be a Brieeze."
  • "Watch out, I'm Gouda get ya."
  • "Are you sure? I can be a real Muenster at times."
  • "Don't you think I've aged well?"
  • "Watch out, I'm a wiz at this game."
  • "Well finally, I was afraid you were stringing me along."
  • "A Toon, you say? Teleme more."
  • "Grate timing, I was just about to send in my Flunkies."
  • "I hope I'm not too sharp for you."


Tee Off
Target Single Toon
Level 8 9 10 11 12
Damage 8 11 14 17 20
Accuracy 55 65 70 75 80
Usage 50 50 50 50 50
Glower Power
Target Single Toon
Level 8 9 10 11 12
Damage 10-14 12-16 15-18 18-20 20-22
Accuracy 60 65 75 85 90
Usage 50 50 50 50 50

Name Meaning

A "Big Cheese" is a slang word meaning someone who is an important, influential person. In other words, he or she is the "big boss".


  • The Big Cheese is the only tier eight Cog to not have a group attack because of this, making it the weakest tier eight Cog.
  • Unlike other Cogs, the appearance of The Big Cheese is inspired by food.
  • It is inspired by swiss cheese, a popular type of cheese in cartoons.
  • The Big Cheese is the only Cog that can perform attacks which vary in damage at the same level.
  • The Big Cheese has statues of himself on top of the Executive Office Tower and on top of the the oil fountain located at Bossbot Headquarters.
  • Most of The Big Cheese's starting lines are cheese puns.
  • The Big Cheese is the only tier 8 Cog to be able to do 20 damage at Level 11 using Glower Power.
  • The Big Cheese is the only tier 8 Cog to do more than 21 damage at Level 12, doing 22 damage.
  • The Big Cheese and The Legal Eagle are the only Cogs that can do 22 damage.


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